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The Date

I called Mrs. Thang from work one day last week. I had been training new employees all morning and I was feeling a little naughty. Remember before I told you she gave me her business card. But I was reluctant to call her job. So after dialing all 6 numbers and hanging up a couple times. I finally decided to stop acting like a teenager and pushed the last digit.

All of that for nothing, it went to her voice mail. So I left a very professional message leaving my name and number and expressed my eagerness to see her again. When she called back I was out of the office having lunch with my trainees. Her message was so sexy that my pussy tingled as I listened to it for the second time, ok, ok the third time. Her message was: “Hello Sweetheart! This is Melissa. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for you to call. My mind takes me back to the night we first met and I am desperately in need of your services. Let’s get together soon”. As soon as I hung up my phone began to ring I answered and it was her secretary, Karen. Melissa had instructed her to call me and get my email and give me her cell number. She was going to be out of the office for a few hours. So I gave it to her and went on with my day. Around 2pm I got a sexy but naked picture of Melissa spreading those pussy lips for me to see it all. My mouth watered and I rubbed my legs together for a little friction. There was something different about this one. But I couldn’t put my figure on it just yet.

We finally spoke right before I was getting ready to leave for the day. She made it clear that she wanted me and me alone, which was perfectly fine with me. Our schedules conflicted for the remainder of the week. So we made plans for Saturday evening.

Saturday night came and I had already masturbated three times. I can’t begin to explain how horny I was. We met at Cheeseburger Paradise, had dinner and got a tad bit drunk. She was very flirtatious and asked if she could come sit on my side of the booth. I nodded in her direction, thinking to myself I could get my hands in those panties. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to taste my pussy. I signaled for the check. Then she said right now I can’t wait. Immediately putting her hands in between my thighs. I opened up and she slid my panties to the side. She moaned and said wow your pussy is wet, pushing her fingers all the way in. I let out a small moan trying not to get noticed. Melissa penetrated me a couple times then slowly pulling out licking her fingers one at a time.

I finally was able to put my finger on it. This chick was more aggressive then me. She asked our waiter which happened to be a man. If I looked like, I had good pussy. Poor kid, he had to be about 20 maybe a college student. He looked at me and smiled then put his eyes straight to the ground and said yes she’s beautiful. I started to laugh and said you better had said yeah. Melissa said would you like to taste it. His eyes got big and she put her finger to his lips. Can you believe he licked them?  It actually turned me on but I could tell he could be a possible puppy dog. So I resisted.

I wanted to leave before Scott got too excited about the girl on girl action that was about to go down. So I told Melissa lets go play and she made a move for the door. Within walking distance of the restaurant was a Signature Inn. I was willing to pay for it because I was so fucking hot. But Melissa wanted to go back to her house. She had a little surprise for me. I agreed and trailed her to the west side of town while playing with my clit trying not to crash.

We pulled up to the house and Melissa told me to go in while she pulls her car in the garage. I went in threw the garage door and there was a hot ass girl sitting on the couch watching T.V. She said hello I am Karen…I thought to myself hot damn the secretary. So I introduced myself and sat down. Karen was very pretty, nice full lips, big breast, flat tummy and a big tight ass. We could hear Melissa arguing with her husband on the phone from the garage. So we made some drinks and got close on the couch. She was more bi curious then anything and extremely nervous. She went on to tell me about her fantasy of being with a woman but now thinks doing it with her boss was a bad decision. I just nodded because I agreed but I didn’t want to be the reason she said no. I asked if I could kiss her, those lips were driving me crazy. She closed her eyes and said yes. I gave her the softest kisses my lips could produce and she fell into my arms. Right when I was ready for some hot sex Melissa came in and said her husband was on his way home. Karen had a very afraid look on her face. Melissa apologized and said she know this wasn’t part of the plan but we have to do it another time. I said ok and asked if I could use the bathroom first. Karen offered to show me and we went upstairs. She pointed in the direction once we arrived at the beginning of the hall. I grabbed her hand to lead me the rest of the way. Karen put her hand on the light switch to turn it on but I put mine on hers to turn it off. I kissed her again pushing her beautiful body against the bathroom door. She dangled her arms to the side not sure what to do with them. So I wrapped them around me kissing downward to her belly. She rubbed her hands in my hair moaning my name. I asked her can I give her a little some to remember me by she said yes. I pulled her dress up and her panties down. Licking those thighs from top to bottom, her hands were shaking but she wanted it so bad. I could hear Melissa starting to call us but I just had to taste it. I put one leg on my shoulder and rubbed my face in her pussy. Karen jerked unable to control the intense pleasure. I went deeper licking her clit then sucking it like it was the last pussy I would ever taste. She moaned even louder begging me not to stop while Melissa got louder. I layed my face in her pussy about another 30 seconds and she burst in my mouth. Her pussy was the sweetest I had ever had and her cum was even sweeter. She grabbed my faced and asked if she see what she tastes like. I kissed her but this time hard. She licked my lips so seductively.

We walked out as if nothing had happened. I got into my car and Karen got into hers. Once we got to the corner I signal for her to pull over. I got out and gave her my number. Told her to call me sometime and let’s do this the real way. Long story short she followed me home. We fucked the rest of the weekend.

AughtMusedSpill 48M

11/1/2005 6:08 am

Damn you get into the hottest situations...your stories are just amazing

(Shannon )

11/15/2005 4:57 pm

lol...your so fucking hot girl. am kinda jealous but i know we'll see each other again soon. keep that pussy hot for me.

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