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This one's a little more dark--don't read if you are offended by domination/ scenes. This one is also girl/girl.
Copyright September 2005

Lacy and her husband were very happy. They hadn't been married long, and they had no children. Her husband, Dan, had always known Lacy was bi, and like most men, he welcomed the occasional foray into the world of girl on girl sex, as long as he could be there. It wasn't so much that he wanted to watch for the pleasure, but more to make sure Lacy was okay. He knew Lacy could get freaked out easily and he didn't want her to get hurt. Lacy'd had a few experiences with women, all of them brief, no lasting relationships or anything. Lacy's attraction to women started in high school, but didn't really blossom until college, where she found a woman to channel her desires towards. Lacy was shy back then though, and didn't approach the girl, even though she was pretty sure the girl was gay. Unfortunately her first pleasurable experience didn't come until later, in a gentlemans' strip club of all places. A girl had taken Lacy under her wing and given her almost everything she could desire from a woman, except Lacy couldn't touch her, of course. Lacy was left with the urge to be with a woman totally, to be able to touch her everywhere, but she still didn't know how to approach them. Lacy didn't even really know how to approach guys. She had asked out one guy in high school who had rejected her and this crushed Lacy for a long time. So how was she supposed to approach a girl?
These days, Lacy was happy sometimes with just fantasies, but once in a while she needed the touch of a real woman. She decided to turn to the Internet chat rooms. There was nowhere else she could go--she didn't really have any hobbies or hangouts where she could find a girl with similar desires. She had chatted on line before, in high school and college, but it was usually with guys, or girls who were sick of the usual antics from chat room guys.
Lacy found a chat room that said it was just for women. She went in and found a lot of friendly, "real" women--not the usual bunch of horn dogs men (and some women) could be. She found a girl whose screen name was _sara_. She was very friendly, just a little bit shy, and they talked about normal stuff, like what they were into and what they did with their lives day to day.
Sara said she was borderline submissive. That sounded just right for Lacy, who was looking for someone to let her do what she wanted but wouldn't be a doormat. Sara said she lived in the next state over but it wasn't very far away. Anyway, that didn't matter. They weren't even sure if they got along yet. They exchanged some sexual stories and swapped pictures. Sara described herself as attractive, average height with short dark hair, piercing brown eyes and ruby red lips. She said she was not overweight but had a little meat on her bones.
After a couple weeks of talking, Lacy had to ask Sara how she felt about meeting. Lacy knew Sara wasn't going to ask, because she had been so shy in their conversations and e mails. Sara agreed to meet Lacy, but only in a neutral place with lots of people. Sara suggested a dance club in her neighborhood, and although dance clubs were out of character for Lacy, she agreed. She dressed in a short skirt and flattering fitted top. She wasn't really sure what was appropriate for a dance club but she went with something inconspicuous yet sexy.
When she got to the club, it was so loud and crowded she didn't know how she was going to find Sara. The bass was thumping in her ears and her chest, making Lacy feel aroused, thinking about dancing with Sara. Lacy was pushing through a thick crowd of people when suddenly someone was pressed up against her. Lacy could tell from the shape against her that it was a woman, but she couldn't turn around to look. The woman grabbed Lacy by the hip with one hand and guided her to a room in back. Lacy was pushed onto her knees and the woman knelt behind her. As far as Lacy could tell, she was alone with the woman. "You move, and you won't hear the end of it. You cooperate, and I will not breathe a word to anyone." Lacy had uncharacteristically let her guard down and spilled too much information about herself to Sara. Where she worked, and the town she was from was all Sara needed. If Sara wanted to, she could find where Lacy lived, and tell any of Sara's other friends, who may be predators like Sara. Lacy didn't want anyone knowing she had gone to the Internet to look for women, especially not her husband.
Lacy felt her shirt being pulled over around her neck, and her skirt pushed up around her waist. Her legs were roughly pushed open. A small dildo was shoved in her pussy and the woman reached around and attached clamps to Lacy's nipples. "Bend over and put your ass in the air," Sara demanded. Lacy knelt, leaning on her elbows and put her head down. Sara put one hand on the end of the dildo and pushed it all the way into Lacy. Out of nowhere, a whip came down lightly on Lacy's ass. It was hard enough to sting, but not unbearable. Lacy cried out as Sara pushed the dildo in and out a couple times, whipping Lacy again. Lacy started to cry helplessly as Sara kept whipping. Finally Sara stopped whipping Lacy and ran the whip along Lacy's pussy, lashing very lightly with the end of it. Lacy was dismayed to feel a little aroused at this, and tried to rise above the situation. The first thing that came to Lacy's mind was Alice, the girl from Lacy's fantasies. Alice knew just how to dominate Lacy while still keeping Lacy's needs in mind. What are you thinking, Lacy sighed, Alice isn't real! But she couldn't stop thinking about Alice, and she found comfort in Alice's ever present smile.
Sara interrupted Lacy's thoughts by pushing Lacy onto her back and stuffing a small plug in Lacy's mouth, tying a piece of cloth around her head to hold it in. "Suck on that for a while," she demanded as she proceeded to tie Lacy's hands over her head. Once that was done, Lacy's whole body was spread for Sara's pleasure. The dildo was removed from Lacy's cunt. "Close your eyes," Sara said, and just as she did, the whip came down on Lacy's breasts, making her bite down on the plug and scream. Soon her breasts were red and smarting. Sara tugged on the chain connecting the clamps on Lacy's nipples, stretching Lacy's breasts. She removed the gag and the plug from Lacy's mouth and pushed the plug in Lacy's ass. "You lubricated that plug nice and good, sweetie," Sara whispered, and straddled Lacy's hips. It was too dark to make out Sara, but Lacy could tell that the dildo had become a strap on now, and that Sara was about to fuck her with it. First Sara leaned down and engaged Lacy in their first kiss. It was hard and unfeeling. Then she slipped the strap on back into Lacy's pussy. Lacy tried to imagine better circumstances. Images of her husband, and Alice went through Lacy's mind again as she was fucked by the dildo. Lacy felt Sara tense up and cum, moaning Lacy's name. "You little slut, you took it all." She felt Lacy's pussy. "Looks like you liked it a little too." Sara pulled Lacy's shirt and skirt over her sore ass and breasts. She pushed Lacy out the door. "You're on your own now. Thanks for the great time." Before Lacy could get a good look at Sara on the semi-lit dance floor, Sara turned and left.

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