Can you make me cum?  

Kissable_Angel86 29F
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4/11/2006 7:02 pm

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10/29/2006 1:35 pm

Can you make me cum?

He takes his tongue and runs it down my body, and stops just before my hot wet pussy, he kisses and pats it. He starts to rub my sensitive clit, rubbing it extremely hard making me moan, and he moves his face down and he starts to lick my clit, licking really fast.
I starts to turn red and the room is filled with my moans. He puts a finger inside of me, and starts to finger me. . . .mmmm
Looking for my g-spot, penetrating me with his finger, rubbing the inside of my vagina, finding the great spot and making me squeal like a little school girl.
My body shakes with overwhelming pleasure, while he continues to rub the right way and suck on my clit.
I start screaming "I cumming, I am cumming."

SlimGoodGuy 38M

4/11/2006 9:15 pm

Check out tamethytension and compare it to your moment of jubilation.

SirMounts 102M

4/22/2006 12:15 am

Hey, have you been following My exploits or something? *winking*
Welcome to our neighborhood of blogs, Kissable_Angel. *smiling*

hilariuxx 48M

7/24/2006 2:35 pm

a real piece of literature! glad you added this to our collective conciousness,thanks!
regards, s.

rm_walterosf 43M
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2/28/2007 6:40 am

i would give you oral every day and then you could ride this dick

rm_sle3py2 33M  
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5/25/2007 8:15 am

Hmmz I hope u have a wild imagination that can handle this =) well then sit

tight n relax, I hope your chair is comfortable. Becuz wat I am abt to say might sent tingles all over your body so hope u enjoy. =) As I walk in to ur room I see you in ur sexy pajamas in a dim room, all ur attention was focus on the computer. I slowly walk towards u without u noticing and sit behind u. As I brush the hair behind ur ears I blow a chill breeze from ur ear down to ur neck. I slowly blow a chill breeze back from ur neck to ur ear. Nibble by nibble as I work my way around ur ear, while I grab a piece of ice cube n gently rub it on the side of ur neck n slowly work my way to ur lips. As the ice cube is touching ur lips, I nibble my way down to ur neck. Then I kiss n nibble my way across ur to ur shoulders, n gentle glide the ice cube down to ur throat n to the center of ur chest n work my way bak up to ur shoulders. Using my mouth I push ur bra strap down to the side, while the other side I use my fingertips. Leaving little kiss from ur shoulder to ur neck, while I reach for the second piece of ice cube. As I nibble n kiss ur neck my hand is gently gliding the piece of ice cube from ur left shoulder to ur chest n back to ur lips. Nibble by nibble, kiss by kiss, I work my way across to ur right shoulder. As my left hand grab the third piece of ice cube, I glide on the side of ur left neck n to ur lips n back ur chest. Leaving little droplets of icy cold water on ur chest. Nibble by nibble I kiss my way back to ur center of ur neck while I slowly unbuckle ur bra. I put up the fourth piece of ice n glide across ur stomach n towards ur chest, while my right hand gently glide the surface of the droplets that's left behind. As I gently glide the ice from ur lower breast n work my way around the nipple, as my right hand is playing with ur right nipple. I switch my hand once the ice melt all over ur upper body. Until I reach to the 7 th ice cube, I will then glide the ice cube from ur lower abs to ur inner thighs, n work my way bak to ur lips while my left hand is still playing with ur nipple, n leaving ur kiss on ur neck. As my left hand grab the next ice cube I start gliding it from ur inner thigh to surface of ur underwear rubbing it till ur underwear surface is icy wet. Then my right hand work my way into ur underwear. Slowly as I use my fingertips to rub ur clit, then I enter my fingers into ur pussy thrusting it n then clockwise, until u cum hehes hope u enjoy it =P let see if this will make you cum

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