Should I Dare  

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6/23/2006 10:42 pm

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Should I Dare


As I touch the his lips I wonder , Is this warm feeling us , me , togetherness? It feels as if in a cold rain and a warmth comes through you . The chill in my heart can it be warmed again , that lasting warmth . Or is it I that only feels the need for what ive lost ? I tell myself the warmth is just for pleasure not to be held close , just to enjoy ,let me take you into me, ill pleasure you .But ill not share all my warmth for the one that stole that from me was a gift , a treasure I eagerly gave away , and foolishly lost to trust . Should I dare let myself feel this past a night ,or walk past this bridge of ice ? To feel the need of more ,is almost as bad as not to feel the warmth . To look for the soul in his eyes is that wrong ? Well let me be warmed with no heart , to please and be pleased , as it was a ship sailing through the night . For I will greet this as my warmth till I find my way past the bridge of ice .

kisses kimmy

OneEasyGoingGuy2 62M
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6/27/2006 10:28 am

As our lips touch, not only can I feel the warmth of your body passing into mine but I can look deep into your eyes. Your eyes are the doors to your soul. A soul that is looking for an escape. A soul that wants to pass from you to me and back again. Our ships are not just ships passing in the night, but they are two ships that are destined to meet and to exchange what we store in our inner souls.

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