Born at the dawn of man  

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2/21/2006 5:45 am

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Born at the dawn of man

born at the dawn of man

tis love i speak of
truest of love
my heart aches
my hands
seek to embrace him
body and soul
my lips are close
to embrace a kiss
i dream of thee
awake and asleep
my mind tis filled with love
your image is clear
we kiss and love
for our hearts
are one
he is my immortal love
we are soulmates
nor death or life can compare
love that spans past time
as long as the love grows
there is not a thing called time
born at the dawn of man
here or here after
our souls travel as one
truest of love holds
no boundaries
no gates
no chains
as one we share it all

love kissesss kimmy

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