My latest little vision...  

KinkyMTgirl 39F
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7/14/2005 10:45 pm

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12/29/2006 9:10 am

My latest little vision...

I keep having this fantasy of going out dancing or drinking one night. I meet this intensely hot man. We share a few drinks and a few gropes under the table. As closing time nears, he takes my hand, cuz he knows he's "got me" and leads me into the parking lot, stopping to kiss and grope along the way to his big, black chevy pickup. Once there, I lean against the tailgate and he stands in between my legs. I can feel the hardness of his cock pressing against me and I grind my hips against his. His hand run under the back of my shirt and I feel him press me closer to him. His other hand tweaks my nipples, making them hard. Even in the midst of our kissing, I can feel eyes on me. Someone is watching and I wonder if they are stroking themselves.

The next thing I know, I feel his hand sliding my panties aside and his fingers rubbing my wet pussy. I know that people are leaving the bar and that we could be caught, but I don't care. I hear the crunch of gravel as cars and trucks leave the parking lot. Soon, there are a few vehicles scattered throughout the lot.

He starts nibbling on my neck, still rubbing my pussy. I'm really starting to get into it. My moans are getting louder. He knows at this point that he could do anything to me, and I wouldn't care. I reach down and caress his hard cock thru his jeans, feeling his hips buck against me.

He quickly looks around and sees that we are alone and in a relatively deserted corner of the parking lot, without a whole lot of light. I hear the zipper of his pants come down. His hands reach down to my thighs and spread my legs wide for him. I feel his thick, throbbing cock rub against the lips of my pussy and I moan. As he enters me, I savior the feeling. I feel so filled up, so nasty, letting him fuck me in the parking lot.

He starts to thrust, I beg him to fuck me harder, faster. I wrap my legs around him, to urge him on.

While neither one of us is paying attention, 2 of the clubs bouncers and one of the bartenders come out a side door, towards their trucks. Their trucks which are pretty close to his truck. I hear their laughter getting closer, then nothing. Complete silence. Then, "They're fucking!" He still hasn't noticed that we have an audience, but I have. I peek over his shoulder and wink at them, reaching up to pinch my nipples and lick my lips. I see one of them reach down and rub his cock thru his jeans, almost absently.

I feel him pick up speed, knowing he is close to cumming. I feel him jerk, then he cums in my pussy, spurting load after delicious load into my pussy. He reaches down and strokes my clit, making me scream that I'm cumming. The three guys are still rooted to their spots, watching me cum.

My guy pulls his softening cock out of my well fucked pussy, with a soft slurping noise. I quickly get down on my knees and clean his cock of our mixed fluids. This is when he notices our audience. He looks down at me, with the obvious question in his eyes. He doesn't need my answer, because he sees the desire and need in my eyes.

He waves the three men over...

if you want me to continue, let me know you like the story...otherwise I won't waste my time...

hazeleyes1202 59M

7/15/2005 9:13 am

KinkyMTgirl, you are what dreams are made of. give me more, please give me more.

discreet27313 54M

7/15/2005 1:17 pm

would love to read more... my big cock got harding reading your Blog... please continue... Dave

rm_curve2it 45M

7/15/2005 7:53 pm

Oh, PLEASE, more.....u r so good

alexlee007 40M

7/16/2005 1:20 am

looking so exciting waiting to know the ending.

fun4all2hve 40M/48F
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7/17/2005 5:48 am

sounds like a good dream like to hear more .........

froggy717 81M
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8/22/2005 10:30 am

Always has been a fantasy of mine--wet shorts and my panties as well. You sure know how to give a guy a hard cock.

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