In the Parking Lot...Part 2  

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7/17/2005 2:14 am

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In the Parking Lot...Part 2

The three men waste no time in heading towards the big truck. They don't care that I've already been fucked by one cock, they just want pussy. The tall, dark haired one climbs on the tailgate and offers his cock to my willing mouth. I start sucking as I feel the tip of a cock rubbing up and down my pussy, before slowly entering. He is larger than the last cock and I feel full. He slowly starts to thrust in and out, gradually gaining speed. The cock in my mouth muffles my moans. I feel hands rubbing and pinching my tits. I'm loving it!! One hand reaches down to rub my clit while the stocky, sandy blond haired man fucks me. He's clutching my ass, pulling me to meet his thrusts...

"You're such a slut!! All these cocks are for you and you like it, don't you slut??" the man fucking me says. I don't say anything, just continue sucking the cock in my mouth.

I can feel the man fucking me pick up speed and I know he's about to cum. His final thrusts are hard and he grunts as he pulls out his cock and cums on my stomach.

I feel the cock in my mouth twitch and know he's on the edge. I barely have time to adjust and a new cock is in my well used pussy. He grabbed my tits and went right to work, fucking me. The man I was sucking was now fucking my face. He pulled out and stroked until he showered me with his cum. "Do you like my cum on your face, bitch?"

The guy fucking me, pulls his cock out and flips me around, pressing me front first into the tailgate of the truck. Without any warning he rams his cock back into my pussy and starts fucking me harder and faster than before.

He reaches around to play with my clit, making me cum for him. Over and over he makes me cum. The more I cum, the louder I get! I feel him pull out and soon the warm feeling of cum on my back.

"Why don't we move this some place more comfortable?" one of the bouncers asks. It is agreed...

more??? you know what to do...

rm_suckme885 37F

4/3/2006 2:42 am

Damn Girl We Have the Same Sexual Desires and Fantasies. Maybe we can share more. You write awesome stories... can't wait for the next

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