Why I have a "prefer not to say"  

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8/7/2006 8:31 pm

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Why I have a "prefer not to say"

(female half here)

I have "prefer not to say" in sexual orientation because I don't feel that the choices given describe my interests well. If there were a "situationally bi", then maybe ..... "Socially bi" suggests to me that I engage in bi-play simply because someone else wants it, not necessarily because I have an interest in it as well. This may not be the same definition as others have, but that how I interpret it.

I see my interests as "situationally bi" because I find an interest to give pleasure to a person, (whether male or female), when we connect on multiple levels. Similar levels of humor, able to discuss and cordially debate issues/views and a "brain connection" along with at least some level of physical attraction raises my arousal and desires. The physical attraction is far down the list ..... I prefer "brain sex" to be first on the list. *smile*

Seeing Lady Heather on CSI was such a surprise .... seeing a fetish person on network TV. Awesome! I found it fascinating watching her and her character's development .... but found it becoming a deeper interest as I watched the interactions between her and Grissom. I've had a 'thing' for Grissom ever since the first show of the first season. I have no idea if I like William Peterson ....but I am truly "in lust" with the character of Grissom (especially when he is sporting a beard). Oh, god!! The way that character's mind works ..... A brain like that would make Jabba the Hutt sexy!! *smile*

What makes Lady Heather most attractive is the way Grissom looks at her, the way they "get inside each other's head". (Plus, her eyes are killer ...) *smile* I would love to find a couple exactly like the characters of Lady Heather and Grissom for a full hard swap (fetish optional.....) The brain sex alone would be phenomenal! Talk about fantasies fulfilled .....

I had not had a connection with another female until we met and played with one particular couple whom we both seem to connect well with them. Definitely the mood, moment, partner ..... the situation just flowed into a natural extension of pleasure exchange. While I can admire that a woman is sexy (Annie Lennox -- that voice and those eyes ..... killer!!), as far as attraction to another female ...... it's not there at all without the "brain connection".

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