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4/22/2005 7:56 am

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its pure poetry

Shakespeare suggests that music may the 'the food
of love'. I dont know about that ... but what about poetry? Isn't there something about a poem that says more than words can say? I mean, even something simple like:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I need a shag
Do you need one too?

might at least make her smile. But really I'm meaning more than that. I guess you could choose a poem from a book. Well, that at least might be able to express feelings that you can't put into words so meaningfully. But how much better to roll your own! Show them you care enough to think - not just dashing off an email with the first thing that comes into your head "Let me finger that crotch baby!". Get a laugh with a bad rhyme ... or some admiration with a clever one. Write something that will have them trying to remember it ... "What was that third line?" Honest ... a good poem will stick in their head for days when a simple message will be forgotten in minutes.

I wrote this to someone a while back. We'd had a few weeks exchanging sizzlingly sexy emails and then arranged to meet, both burning with passion. But the promised text never came through from her to confirm the day. Turned out her dad had died. I didn’t hear from her for weeks. I know you probably think its a crap poem but the point is that I cared enough to write it.

oh ... why wont emily write to me
I'd read her note so happily
even if all it said was "Hi"
and then she simply put "Goodbye"

oh .... why wont emily msn
I wish she'd say hello and then
we'd chat and wink and flirt a while
and I would try to make her smile

oh ... why wont emily even tickle
is she that hard, is she that fickle
i know that life is really tough
but fun can help you through that stuff

o ... why wont emily send a txt
2 say wot ought 2 hppn nxt
& tell me how she wants some fun
& can I meet her 1 2 1

oh .... why wont emily ask to meet
i'd kiss her head down to her feet
and love her breasts and stroke her tum
and want to make her cum and cum

oh ... why wont emily get in touch
i miss that spark we had so much
has she forgotten what she said
about the two of us ... and bed

Actually, reading it again I think its crap too ... but it made her laugh and she did contact me. And what did happen next?? Well mind your own business.

Of course, poems dont have to rhyme so you can write what the hell you like ... but make it poetic and different and you just might win their heart.

How about this, under a picture of a red rose bud:

This flower reminds me of you. But you look at yourself and see age, and tiredness, worry lines, clothes that don't fit and small breasts.
This flower reminds me of you. I look at you and see a warm smile, and loving eyes, a lovely face. I look at the beautiful curves of your body and want to run my hands over them. I love to feel your soft skin. When I lie next to you, I love the soft curves of those breasts and the wonderful hard nipples ... a paradise for kisses.
This flower reminds me of you ... deep red and opening under my touch, glistening with longing.
This flower reminds me of you ... delicate, wonderful, fragrant, filling up my senses to blissful .... bursting ... point.

Anyway ... everyone ... thought you might like to tell us your own favourite poems. Can anyone think of a rhyme for clitoris? And by the way, dont go cutting and pasting my stuff ... roll your own.

chocogirl23 58F

6/20/2005 2:34 am

I would much rather have La Belle sans merci by John Keats or even The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Tennyson. But your poem choice is nice.

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