Killablaze024 44M
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4/21/2006 10:37 am

I'm Straight..I'm a slave to pussy to the right Dom who will suck my dick and fuck the shit out me after watching me feed[eating pussy to normal folks}and fucking off of two other Dom Female slaves.....Love to role play and asign role for role partyies.... I'm very creative about all things in my life Sex is no different....Sex to me is Like a Candy,Beer,420 and whatever else gets you off or kicks....to me.
Not A mind reader, hate fighting egos and hubbys when there wife, girl, love of there life...get the shit fucked out of them by a bro....that's what we bro do...god blessed.

Look I hang out wish Irish dudes that are hung and other cool ass guys that keep the girls giggling and us hi-fivin in anyform we please.
We don't do this All the time...picky but proud,
Looking for the same in the women. I have guy friends that Hang out with me just to get laid.
It's fun. i'm the ninja nerd artist dude of the group...the one that write the poems for his bros to get him out of trouble. LOL...I have heart, they say.
It's fun.
I've been trying to get in at Marvel/ DC and anybody just to be a pencilier...never happened...so I continue to do what I love with a passion in the ghetto dropping website and eating P.B. and jelly sanwichs and doing underground tattoo parties in South Carolina over the past three years meeting cool people and doing some wild shit.
Thanks guys and girlfriends love and hugs.
"EVERYTIME I Do IT For My HOOD,EVERYTIME I Do IT For your HOOD".....Joung jezzy. sing it with me.......

First-off I'm Happy MARRied To a good woman. The beast within is Not. So not her to be ya lover ,boyfriend but ya BEST FRIEND. The Brent you call just to Fuck the Holy hell out of ya fine white ass scream In a monster voice "I LOVE fuckin You." Love to fuck to metal and hardcore ....eating pussy to...Smile like a evil vib-o-dick.
I'm blunt as they come, love smoking Cush, Blaze, 420 and Jagger, fuck some Gin. Old enough to To know how to make a woman cum all over herself.

Love some anime, Ninja Scroll to La GirlBlue old and new. Love watching make girls horny...The nerd, geek part of me, dark anime hero type..Like Vegetta...a fallen Prince that found heart.

What I do....I'm a Tattoo Artist in Spartanburg ,SC...those from the Area that know...Body Link; the place to get ya soft rosie nipples pierced by pros.. Brandon and Taylor are cool...Horny little young dudes..They will flirt back..both have girlfriends....so be have.....I don't prick people....just Tattoo.

I can say this much....Hi.

rm_mspurdy 44F
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1/7/2008 10:38 pm

Got my last 2 piercings at Body Links...Was pretty cool.

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