Smooth as a...  

KhaosKitty 42F
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8/24/2005 1:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Smooth as a...

I shaved again today for the first time in a little over two months. Well, to be entirely accurate, I shaved for the second time - it always takes two times when it's been a while. But today was that all important "smooth" shave.

I had gotten used to having my puss wear her furr muff again. It was kind of cool. It gave added dimesion to my crotch in a swimsuit - not in the guy sort of way, but you women know what I'm talking about. It had even stopped being itchy finally.

I had never thought about shaving until about two years ago. I kept things neatly hedged, there wasn't a lot of wild growth or anything. And then the affair said those magic words.

"I bet you would look dead sexy shaved."

There was a moment's hestitation, I'll admit it. The idea of having a razor that close to my little girl was just not appealing at all. The idea, however, of having his tongue and fingers and cock even closer, however... So I did it.

And I LOVED it! I can't begin to describe why I did, I just did. It was freedom. My body was a work of art. A flower. And I was in full bloom. This was what it was to be a woman!

The only problem was the constant maintenance. I will never give the fiance any trouble if he decides to take a few days off shaving his face because I will understand entirely. There just comes a day when you wake up, face the razor and turn tail. (And, yes, for those who are wondering, what few hairs are there get shaved too. Cheeky bastards, each and every one of you!)

What I'm wondering now, however, is what others think about shaving, being shaved or having a partner who shaves. Does it enhance the experience? Does it detract?

Waterboy711 75M
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8/24/2005 5:36 am

So much for fantasies!!

KhaosKitty 42F
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8/24/2005 11:07 am

Why do you say that? Are you a hair fan? Or do you like to be the one suggesting the razor?

hot_n_horny1245 47F

8/24/2005 12:00 pm

I personally prefer to be completely shaven - every sensation is heightened, especially when you're wearing tight jeans and no undies - crap I just about cum from just walking. The only problem I have is that yes, it is HI maintenance - I'm gonna go get a brazilian soon, just as soon as I think I can handle the pain - getting pierced was a one time thing - waxing is over and over and over.....
This is of course, just my personal opinion - but when I lick another pussy, I prefer it to be bald as well, much nicer for eating....

Waterboy711 75M
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8/24/2005 9:32 pm

I think a thick natural bush is sexy. It does take some extra tounge work to get to the good parts. I've not had any experience with a bald crotch. I would love to try my hand at shaving a woman. I think it would be a great turn on for me. There are all kinds of sexual and sensual posibilities there. Do you use shaving cream and a streight edge or an electric shaver? Shaving cream would seem to be more fun; I have heard that electric shavers give better results.

Waterboy711 75M
23 posts
8/24/2005 9:35 pm

Do you know what is the last sound a pubic hair hears before it hits the ground?

Answer: Thhhpppiiittt.

KhaosKitty 42F
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8/25/2005 2:23 am

Shaving cream and a razor for me. The fiance found some edible shaving cream and is planning to have it waiting for me when I move up there. That could make for quite the fun experience!

HnH - I can't say I have any experience with other pussies, but I would imagine that bald would be the way I prefer them. I'm not sure. Hmmm... Have to think on that one. You'll have to let me know how the Brazilian goes. I've been eyeing the possibility for quite some time, but to pay someone to put me through that much pain... We'll have to see if it's really worth it.

Waterboy711 75M
23 posts
8/25/2005 4:56 am

I am guessing that a "Brazilian" is some kind of permanent hair removal.

rm_RandCypher 44M
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8/26/2005 2:20 am

I tend to prefer clean shaven. It's skin to skin contact, every drop of moisture is felt between the two lovers, and slightly on the dirty side, bare skin pounding on bare skin makes the most wonderfully nasty sounds.

I shave as well.

KhaosKitty 42F
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8/26/2005 11:16 am

Ah! The sounds! Another brilliant, viceral reason for it. Thanks, Rand.

And the Brazillian is a wax job, Waterboy. Not quite permanent, but it does last longer than shaving.

TantricTraveller 44M
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8/27/2005 10:59 pm

I encourage my partners to shave. I love the feeling of my cock, sliding across bare pussy lips. It hightens the sensation of sex.

I also prefer to go down on a bald pussy. It's easier to be subtle, and to give different sensations with no hair in the way.

I have shaved and waxed a number of my partners. I enjoy doing that to.


KhaosKitty 42F
123 posts
9/1/2005 1:35 am

TT, you are more than welcome to wax me if you ever find yourself in the area. It is amazingly expensive, considering how very little work and materials go into it. Maybe it's hazard pay...

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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9/2/2005 2:52 pm

My ex-fiance and I found that clippers worked best for us. You know, the electric clipper things? They kept everything clean, very short, but prevented razor bumps. They were also fun, 'cause it was almost foreplay (we would do each other). The vibrating clippers running over her delicate bits, the shared intimacy of being face to pussy, the slight kinkiness of deliberate appraisal of her from all angles... more intimacy from cleaning the clippings off with a hand towel and bowl of hot water.

She always had to do me first because she was simply gushing by the time I finished her, creating the perfect segue from grooming to oral worship.

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