More pontificating about women and dating/sex sites!  

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11/1/2005 8:59 pm

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More pontificating about women and dating/sex sites!

So how about a couple observations of the blogging experience.

First, the prohibition of charactors like question marks and GT LT angle symbols are a pain in the butt. Emo-Icons are such nice ways to share my emotions while I write. I'm trying to stay away of a huge editing task so I'd like to write once and let it fly. The problem with that strategy is that it can be dangerous... so emoicons are important to hopefully share the whimsical nature of my thoughts while writing.

Second, browsing AdultFriendFinder with all the delicious looking ladies and sexy narratives certainly has a way of giving me a purpetual stiffy. And as much as that's a toy I like to play with, I like to give it a rest too. Especially because it's so much more fun when I have company to play with. Consequently I get a bit annoyed with the frequency I feel compelled to enjoy solo loving. (on a side bar, this situation reminds me of that hysterical "Sex in the City" episode where the ladies were contemplating the virtues of viberators and the vices of men. One of the ladies went missing for most of that episode with here battery powered best friend!)

In my book, masturbation certainly fills a void, but it's certainly not a substitue for the magic of seeing the twinkle in a womans eyes. So the observation is this: Writing has allowed my mind to be distracted and the thought of a woodie is no where to be found for the moment! Consequently the frustration of being alone tonight is gone for the moment as wel and life is good! I'll have to keep this up (no pun intended!) when it is time to relieve the frustrations of being all pumped up with no where to go.

Ok... how about some true confessions. For those of you guys out there that may be reading this, I don't know if you've taken the time to check the numbers, but AdultFriendFinder is unfortunately statistically way out of balance in favor of the ladies. There's something like a 10 to one ratio of men to woman yet it's still a great web site. AdultFriendFinder has many of the features I enjoy about a strip club and that is simply complete lack of pretentiousness. I'm all up for manners and all, which I even observe when in a strip club. Yet I find it completely obnoxious how much double talk I encounter in a typical encounter with most women.

For example, I find for pure frequency and opportunty for female companionship, I find other sites that don't have a focus on sex much more productive for both simply companionship as well as some very intense hot sex. It appears to me that though woman aren't as forward or blunt about sex as men, they certainly are very much interested in it. The problem I have is how to communicate clear enough with a new woman to say something like: "I could be interested in a long term relationship, but before I even consider that, I'd like to enjoy the notion of enjoying all of the possiblities of wickedly hot passion without having to commit to marriage etc..." It's as if the ladies are more than willing to get naked pretty damn much immediately if I'll express an interest in the M word.

Ok, so let me be perfectly blunt, I AM interested in a long term relationship. And I'm certainly not opposed to being married. Yet sex is only one absolute requirement. Obviously there are many others like true friendship, mental similarities, similar tastes etc...etc..etc... So the problem I find is that I'd love to get naked pretty much immediately with most ladies that show a twinkle in their eye. But it takes time to get comfortable enough to feel like I know a woman. Then by the time I find I'm getting in too deep, it's very difficult to be a gentleman and tell a lady, "Sorry, but this isn't going to work out."

I DON'T want to hurt anyone, but I do feel it's perfectly reasonable to scuttle a relationship that I can see won't work in the long run regardless how wonderful sex can be in the short run. In fact, there's been a couple times where a woman actually broke up with me and I said to myself "That woman is sharp enough that I could actually be attracted to her in the long run!" Go figure!

Bottom line, I find going to the web sites that don't talk about sex are very productive for great sex. However I have to be very careful about not miss representing my intentions. Twice now I've had two ladies that basically poured their hearts out on me with "I Love YOU" over the top on the first time we did the wild thing. Both times I told these attractive ladies, "You don't even truly KNOW me yet, how can you say you love me?" Needless to say it went into the toilet bowl very quickly after that!

Enough for now, I have a date tonight! Perhaps I'll fill you in on it later!

hot_sexy_cin 62M/56F

11/20/2005 1:58 am

You sound like a man that has class. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it's nice to know there are gentlemen still alive and kicking. Take care, and have a good one.

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