How about some background...  

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10/31/2005 11:20 pm

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How about some background...

I've finally decided that the only way to truely participate in this virtual world effectively is to write. So how about a little background.

To begin with, I don't have any delusion of getting all my thoughts, background or inspirations out correctly first time around the block so please do excuse apparent contraditions or completely dopy statements. I'm certainly not immuned to either.

However with that acknowledgement out of the way, I do want to make my very best effort to share my thoughts, experiences and observations in such a way that they at least have a glimmer of insight or at the very minimum, spare others out here of the trials and annoying headaches I've endured to gain my insight.

I'm 44 years old right now and I'm enjoying life more than ever. Yet here I am a willing member to fork over a gold member fee because there is obviously something wrong. I've shared my pictures, which are really me. I was a little hesitant to share the naked pic, not because of any sense of modesty, (I'm actually a bit of an exhibitionist) but simply because I'm not so sure how necessary it is to show the world what a horny toad I am at times. One thing I have identified with pretty good certainty is that woman work well with their imaginations and showing a naked picture of myself most likely won't serve much of a purpose. However I also don't want to come off as a prude, because that, for certain would be a missrepresentation! Besides, sex is certainly the subject here so might as well join the party.. eah

I'm 6'4" tall, 190 lbs and in as good of shape as ever. I'm loosing my hair, but as I look at myself in the mirror, I'm pleased. And best of all, the shaved, or even balding look is certainly a bit in fashion. Just ask Jimmy Buffett, or Steve Jobs, or Bruce Willis, or Sean Connery! I have good company!

I've been married twice, once for a short term trainer marriage and second for the long term version that has been most disappointing. I bailed on the first, she pushed me out on the second. I don't think either breakup was unavoidable. Yet they did happen. My failed relationships are part of what I find so curious about the day and age we live in and this is a subject that I'd love to delve into in future writings.

It's been since April of 2000 that I've been "looking" again and I do confess, it's been a very entertaining experience. I've honestly had no shortage of opportunities for sex, companionship, marriage or whatever. Yet I still haven't come up with the balance of each of those qualities in a woman that I can once again hopefully love and cherish for the remainder of my life. As noble as that goal may be, in the spirit of my favorite sit com "Sex in the City" I might as well enjoy the shopping process of finding that special lady in my life.

Speaking of that subject, let me be perfectly up front right here from the beginning. My priorities in life are pretty straight forward. Aside from the ordinary goals of life such as survival, making a living, and keeping myself mildly entertained, A passionate lifetime lover is the most important thing in the world to me. Though as important as that is to me, I'm also going to keep a light sense of humour about the challenge and use this forum as the novelty to keep my sense of humour while embarked on the project.

With that I will close today and look forward to continuing soon.

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