Where have all the cowboys gone  

Kev4267 49M
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3/24/2005 5:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where have all the cowboys gone

It seems to me these days that almost all the gay and bisexual men I know are trying to fit the "gay" stereotype. What happened to the "real" gay men. Men who acted like men. After all I am a bisexual man and if I want a woman I'll find one. I'm sure this may be offensive to some people but if you truly think about "the club crowd" you'll see exactly what I mean. Where else can you meet another man face to face the first time around and discover someone you are interested in but in an alternative or "gay" club? So I ask you, where have all the cowboys gone? This is the figurative sense of asking where have all the masculine gay and bisexual men disappeared to? If anyone finds them please let me know, I'm sick to death of effeminate and queeeny acting men.

rm_prescottlker 52M

3/31/2005 5:53 pm

Here, here! I agree 100% I take no offense to your statement/question: What happened to the real gay man. Individuality should be celebrated and not squashed out. I wish more people would just be themselves rather than flocking with the crowd. Guess there's safety in numbers and people feel more accepted looking like the flock than trying to be the natural person they are. I believe a lot of the "clubbers" are afraid of being themselves, and would rather live the "gay stereotype" than be cast out for not fitting in.

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