Lots of fun, but not for everyone  

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11/5/2005 4:07 am

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Lots of fun, but not for everyone

Well, last weekend went well for me, but not so well for Wifey. Her friend K didn't fancy a long drive if she wasn't going to spend the night, so no luck there. She made tentative arrangements for last Thursday, but then he was busy, so she slept alone again in a hotel room in London. Pity.

In contrast, while Wifey was away at a Halloween party on Saturday, I picked Tina up and we went to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner and a bottle of wine, then went on to the hotel.

She lay down on the bed and I started massaging her shoulders, which she really liked. I took off her top and bra, freeing her huge breasts, and changed to a more sensual massage, running my fingers lightly over her back. I then removed her jeans and lacy panties and continued running my fingers gently across her thighs and her buttocks. She just groaned softly, obviously enjoying it.
When I eventually ran my fingers between her legs, I found her very wet indeed, and used her own juices to lubricate her clitoris while I brought her to her first orgasm.
Her second came while I used two fingers to finger-fuck her, while another finger (also well lubricated) went up her arse.
I persuaded her to roll over and continued playing with her this way until she insisted I fuck her. How could I refuse? She hit her last orgasm just before I did, and we both spent the next few minutes just cooling down, lying on the bed in the flickering glow of the tv with the sound turned off.
That was the best time Tina and I have spent together, so maybe we'll have to do that again some time.

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