Accepting it  

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12/28/2005 5:53 am

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Accepting it

Why is it that we sometimes have such a hard time ending relationships? Well, actually, not ending them so much as accepting that they're over.
Regular readers (are there any of you?) will know that my regular fuck-buddy (or do you prefer friend-with-benefits?) Tina decided it was time to end our relationship. Well, what's really strange is that I think about her more now than when I knew she was just a phone call away!
There is a certain comfort in knowing that you can get your leg over by just giving someone a call and getting together. What made it better was she was young, admitted to really enjoying our sexual encounters and wanted nothing else from me. The worst part was that she was still living with her parents, and was a friend of the wife's.
That, I think, is the real reason she called it off. Too many complications. Wifey has been grudging in her approval of our get-togethers for ages, I know but still...

I would still like to meet someone who isn't friends with the wife, but is prepared to have a purely sexual relationship. Someone who likes to be wined, dined and bedded whenever we are both available and in the mood. But it's not easy I know. Not enough people like that around. Or are they all somewhere else in the world?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!

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