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KellisHere 40F
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4/11/2006 12:14 pm
What's ahead?

Well, I'm 13 days Post Op for the Gastric Bypass surgery. (google it if ya don't know) I'm feeling 100% normal again and thinkin that I might be ready to date again. My thoughts lately have been about WHY British Columbia men ( NOT ALL..just MOST) are closet bbw admirers. It REALLY ticks me off sometimes. They want you for sex, but want the slim girls for girlfriends. I know that it has alot to do with society and what OTHER people think. Sadly, this affects me and has for some time. My question is, now that I am losing weight, and going to be slim in about a year from now, will they start coming out of the woodwork?? I can't help but think that they will. I mean I know I'm not ugly or anything, so it is bound to happen. How do I deal with it? Tell em to screw off, where were you when I was fat? See, being overly nice and fake isn't me. If I don't like you, I won't talk to you. I'm not rudely blunt, but I will let you know if I'm not attracted to you as well. I seem to be a loser magnet.. I attract guys with no jobs, guys with WAY too much baggage and crazy ex's that are still clinging to them, and they are too stupid to tell them to get lost, or I get alcoholics, or drug users. OR OLD OLD men lol..

*sigh* I guess being a BBW you seem an easy, desperate target.

If I meet you off of here...besides at a meet and greet..consider yourself a rarity lol..I'm very picky and am tired of "settling" for the garbage.

Just my thoughts for the opening BLOG.. heheh


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