A very important message for the guys and girls, this is real talk!!!!!!read!!!!!  

Keepin_it_real5 32M
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6/20/2005 3:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A very important message for the guys and girls, this is real talk!!!!!!read!!!!!

Among the many problems of the youth of america theres been one that really been bugging the hell outta me so i gotta address it. It goes out to both genders, ill start with us guys. Guys we need to start respecting our women more, quit playing them, playing games, and just trying to bone as many as possible. Guys these days treat girls like shit and if ya ever do it in front of me i dont care how big ya are your getting cracked. Theres a lot more gratification in having a girl you actually care about, its a great mutual feeling when its real and helps both people grow as a person. Now ladies, i know ya'll get treated like shit but this whole "if a guy can be a slut and be cool, why can't i?" attitude isn't helping. Have some dignity, you dont have to bone a guy for him to like you and if you do he probably isnt a guy worth having around. So keep your legs closed, until your with that special someone that knows how to treat you and isnt gonna be gone in the morning leaving you there feeling empty. Stop doing the "cool" thing which is dating assholes, and find a guy that will give you the respect and sweet special treatment you deserve! The way things are going the next generations are gonna be even more fucked up than we were, so start having some respect for yourselves and the opposite gender and treating each other the way you would want to be treated. Bring back the morals, treat each other right, stay faithful and i swear everyone would be a lot happier so do whats right not what the world wants.

Hopefully people will read this and think deep. Im out.

PS Fuck the haters in advance, they can suck my wang.

EroticallyRapt 55M
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6/20/2005 4:06 pm

I understand your frustration. But, it's more complex than that, imo. It's important to see the distinction between lust and love. One is carnal, the other is spiritual and they're not always mutually exclusive. I agree that men need to treat women with respect and that women shouldn't sleep with a man in hope of capturing his heart. But, being celibate is not the answer.


wyvernrose 38F
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6/20/2005 4:34 pm

ahhhhhhhhhhh your missing the big picture guys

a gals motivation for hooking the big one and using sex to do it....

bad guys are easier to screw over financially...

the girls do it to get pregnant and get an income, the girls aren't wanting him to hang around, they will find one eventually they will keep close to them, but until they have hooked their pay cheque, they will keep doing what they do.....

and yes young girls actually discuss how much childsupport etc they can get out of a guy and how to get the most....women receive almost twice as much income if they have 2 children each with different fathers than if they settle down and really start a family....

keeping it real, it is a big problem in many countries and it wont be solved by telling them don't do it particularly when you don't understand the motivations of these young girls... majority of them are the ones playing not the ones being played now adays...

and the more agressive and 'bad' the boys they snag on the hook are, the easier it is to gut them...

if you want it to end and people to start respecting each other as you ask..... look to your government to remove the financial incentives, few single childless males even see that this is the cause of the problem, because they don't know what the system involves, the girls do and this is why they do what they do....

if you want to do something about it goo gle fathers rights and child custody.....


Keepin_it_real5 32M

6/20/2005 9:36 pm

In reply to er, and mzhunyhole, i think you guys are missing the point. Im not saying since im celibate everyone should be celibate, a persons sexual expression is their choice. If you wanna express yourself sexually with multiple partners without relationships go ahead its your choice, and its definately lots of fun, but im saying treat eachother well. Dont lie, play games, lead people on, be honest and upfront. This is really more for people looking for relationships wether sexual or not, so it really wouldnt apply to simple minded people like you. This is a sex site, but theres a whole half of people here looking for relationships along with sex. ER the fact that in your pic your jerkin it in the corner and spending hours on here means your probably not gettin any, at least if i was fuckin i would actually be fuckin. most you people are disgusting, and especially the ones cheating on their spouses, how pathetic, this is exactly what im talking about no one has a thing called morals anymore, and you'll pay for it through stds, child support, or just flat out getting screwed over. Well im done speaking to a lost crowd, obviously you peanut brained motherfuckers dont get the point. Women, i know you wanna be treated good, quit living like soap opera whores and maybe you wont feel so damn empty.

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