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7/3/2005 4:13 pm

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Well since some people can't see my profile, figured I'd put some it down here, along with other pertinent details. Ok so I'm 5'10" 150lbs Korean have short crew cut black hair (Residual Marine thing that just stuck). I have glasses from reading way too much in poorly lit areas. Spent a tour in the Marines, did some time in Oki, had ALOT of fun. I'm 29 I think, found in Seoul Korea, they decided that was my B-day and I was three years old. Doesn't bother me much now, but when I was 20... well you get the picture.

Growing up my mother spent time in as a nun before meeting my father, so then became a born-again Xian, needlesstosay I've had enough religion crammed down my throat. I feel bad for those evangilists that try to talk to me, well a little bad, sometimes I give them a piece of my mind. We all have our quirks.

School, well got my degree in Pysch from ND, but now work in computers, go figure. Yes I was the typical asian geek in high school, validictorian and what not. Was a Virgin until college, where I decended in the delightful world of hedonism.

I don't have any pictures loaded yet, but I'll get around to it. I keep pretty busy with my job and mixed martial arts training, so no time for relationships.

Looking for: A friend with benefits. Someone to call if I'm horny or just got an evening off and what to have dinner or go hit the clubs. Someone who keeps themselves in shape and knows how to have a great time. Also needs to be capable of carring intelligient well reasoned discussions on some topics. If you fall into any of those blonde joke categories, there's someone else out there for you. Finally they are going to have to put up with a couple quirks from my upbringing: such as I always walk on the street side, just one of the few things from my childhood that I decided was worth keeping. If you're strongly feminist and this offends I'm not going to be changing.

Oh yeah stylewise, I'm kinda a cross between Kenneth Cole and Banana Republic, but enjoy kicking back in jeans at the same time. My car is a pityful wreak atm, got a ton of work I still need to finish. If that's really important well better wait a while or find someone else.

General: Damn it was hot today! went outside and ran some errands, dearly regetted that decision. Still have two more stops though before I can relax tonight with an evening beer. I'd rather go out and have dinner somewhere with someone interesting, but no takers so far. BTW if you see me online chatting, I'll be in the SW room, though sometimes I do forget to sign off. Drop in, say hello we don't bite hard, unless you want me too. Waves!

~If that person is one in a million, don't despair, cause that means that there are thousands just like them out there waiting for you to find them.~

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