When you least expect  

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8/26/2006 4:07 pm

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When you least expect

My friends said I needed to get out so, here I am at a party. I stand here with a drink in my hand that I am not really drinking. Smiling and laughing at things I am not really hearing. Not really having a good time. I am ready to go home. Back to my safe little haven of comfort. Thinking to myself if I get hit on one more time by a man that doesnt smell very good and hasnt brushed his teeth, I am going home. Smiling and nodding my head to what someone has said to me, I look up. And to my surprise my eyes meet those of a fellow sufferer. He smiles with his eyes and inclines his head to me. I return his smile with my eyes, and raise my glass a bit to acknowledge his. The man that thinks I am listening to him smiles, because he thinks that now he has a chance. But, in truth he does not. He never had a chance, I was never attracted to him in anyway. And although I am easy to make friends with. I could never be his friend, thats not what he wants from me. I frown at this thought. Is that all there is in this life for me? Is that all that there ever will be for me again? I ask myself this question and frown again. Excusing myself from his boring conversation, I walk away shaking my head. Well, thats is for me, this party such as it was for me is over. I walk over to thank my hosts and make my apoligies. Sorry that I am leaving yet another gathering of my friends, most of them in pairs and happy. And yet I am still very much alone. Its not anything they have done, they are so near to my heart that, when they are in pain, I am as well. But, they have who they want to be with, they are not alone, they have that other half of themselves. I dont let them know how I am feeling because it would only worry them and they would want to try and fix it. But, this is something that only time can fix. That and someone I would enjoy spending time with. I grab my purse, my sweater. Pulling out my cell phone to check my messages. I smile to myself, I got a few messages from my son, and one from my daughter. They are grown and I miss them but, they still stay in close contact with me. As I am walking and listening to my messages, not paying attention to where I am going, I run into someone. Dropping all my things and almost falling over. I smile because of course its my fault for not paying attention to where I am going. I look up into the dark brown eyes of the man that smiled at me from across the room. "I am so very sorry darlin, I didnt mean to run into you. I wasnt paying attention to where I was going." He smiles and says "thats okay I dont mind you bumping into me." Yeah okay here go the lines I am thinking to myself, as he helps me pick up my things, and hands them to me. My phone rings, its my son. I look up at him and smile yet again, kinda distracted and walk away. I turn to thank him again and he smiles and nods. I get my keys and walk to my car. Get in put my seat belt on by routine. I put my car in gear and back out of the parking lot. As I am driving down the road thinking about the party and the man that smiled at me I smile. Next thing I know I hear a loud noise, and my car starts to thump down the road. Damn, I have a flat. Figures, I think to myself its dark, I am alone and now I get to change a tire. Not that I cant, but wished I had someone with me just the same. I pull over and stop. Put on the emergency brake, check around, then get out. I walk around the car and yep, its a flat. I just shake my head and start for the trunk. As I am digging out the jack and fourway, I notice a car coming around the bend. I pick up the fourway just to be safe, you can never tell anymore. I am expecting the car to keep going, but to my surprise it stops. With the lights shining in my eyes I cant really see anything, all I hear is a voice "Need some help?" I laugh and responed "Nope, just standing here in this dress with a flat for the fun of it." I get silence then a chuckle. "I guess I deserve that, here give me that and let me help you anyway." As he gets close I notice his size and how well built he is. As he gets to the point were I can see him I smile, I realize its the guy from the party. If we keep meeting this way people will start to talk." And I laugh. He moves in closer to me so that we are just barely standing apart from one another. Looks into my eyes and smiles. "Let em" is all he says, smiles and turns to change the tire. He finishes changing the tire, puts the jack and tools back in the trunk of my car. Wiping his hands on a rag, looks up at me and says "there you go all set, but I suggest you get some new tires those are pretty well shot." I laugh knowing my budget and nod "Yeah, I will get right on it when I win the lottery." He frowns, "seriously, you need to let your husband or boyfriend know that they need to be fixed, you are going to get hurt someday." I laugh, hun my ex-husband prays for my tires to go out. And I do not have a boyfriend. But, thanks for your concern." I look up into his eyes and smile "Thank you again for all your help you are a doll." He scratches his head like he is confused about something. I ask "Whats wrong?" He smiles and says "Not a thing, just wondered how a man can be as stupid as to let you get away?" Oh yeah thats a good line. But, I smile becuase it still makes me feel good. Then he catches me off guard. "Do you think I could have your number?" And I look shocked and say "now why would you want my number?" "Well, because I might want to ask you out sometime." Yeah okay what harm is there in giving him my number. So, I give him my number, the man with the brown eyes. I stick my hand out to shake his and he looks shocked, then smiles and takes my hand. Moves it up and down smiling into my eyes, my stomach gets this really weird feeling in it. And to my shock I feel myself starting to blush. But, hell I forgot how to blush along time ago. I pull on my hand and he lets it go. And asks "what is your name anyway?" I give him my name and he gives me his. He walks me to my car and opens the door. I get in and get settled and he is still standing beside my car, so I roll the window down. He leans down, and says "I will be calling you soon." I smile and look down, "okay" I say. He reaches into the car and takes my chin in his hand and raises my eyes to his. "I will be calling you soon." I look into those wonderful brown eyes, and I believe he will be calling. "Okay, I will be looking forward to it." He smiles, and waits for me to start my car. As I drive away he is getting into his car. And I am thinking to myself 'I hope he calls'. I shake my head, Man this only happens when you least expect it.


8/27/2006 7:39 pm

mmmmmmmmmmm you know I want detales sister like now !

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stonerandsea 48M/51F

8/29/2006 4:49 am

I'm with muffy............who's this brown eyed stranger!!!! Inquiring minds want to know

Katydidas 51F
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8/29/2006 11:19 am

ohhhhhh mmmmmmmmm well hummmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol im not telling. lol

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