Today is a very confusing day  

KansasAngel692 47F
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7/9/2006 3:50 pm
Today is a very confusing day

Today is very confusing i am in the middle of jerks trying to decide which one to pick i am not a whore like people say and if i was i would be getting paid sex is one of my things that keeps me calm and makes me relax some one told me i need to get a new hobby well if someone don't please me i don't see him again thats my rules so because of that everyone calles me a slut or a whore

rm_litphonefun 45M
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7/18/2006 1:22 pm

I don't understand why people react in the way you described above. You're not going to click with's just not possible.

Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect...ESPECIALLY when sex is involved.

I'm with you in that sex relaxes me...unfortunately, I never get sex in my marriage (currently in the midst of a 5+ month drought).

Best of luck to you in your search.

And don't let a couple of idiots get you down. You can find a good guy out there. We do exist.

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