Frensh People ARE HOT  

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1/4/2006 6:01 am

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Frensh People ARE HOT

Oeh i just love them..I am almost going back to my country the netherlands...and it was great again here in france...

Last night I went to a club next to the Moulin Rouge, don't remember what the name was..

As i enterd i first thought damn not tha much people around here. After 1 houre they began to come in and right away 2 the dancefloor. So i went to the dancefloor myself and showed of some of my dance tricks ...after a couple of songs some girl came walking infront af me with her ass near me ... and dont know why but she began to rub it hard against my dick...

So I was .. GO WITH I got all turned up she turned around and dansed like the frensh do (i geuss). But than the Dj messed it all UP .. he putted on the fast music the one i love to dance on but I was having a good time with the last music..well she went away and so i looked for a place 2 sit down 2 watch the croud with a drink in my hand.

but than couple came sit almost next to me...they starting kissing and rubbing you know the after a while they got all turned up i geuss and i see there hands slipping down to eitch others secrte hidden places...and i was like tham why here and now...i loved 2 be watched but i also love wathcing so sometimes i was looking...and i got all there was i sitting with a empty glas sitting ALONE watching a couple having a good time...

after that i danced a little more but all the girls were busy with other guys so left the place

well that was it again...and it was a whole other adventure finding the way back home...

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