Im not sure why........please explain to me why....  

KandyCoated4U 52F
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9/1/2006 9:37 am

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9/6/2006 11:04 pm

Im not sure why........please explain to me why....

I'm not sure why people on AdultFriendFinder become so bitter. If I say something people don't like, or don't agree with they become mad, pissed or bitter. I just don't understand why. People have a right to their own opinions and then can debate it or leave it alone. I am getting the point of why all the name calling and childish behavior.Can someone explain this to me? Why would a mature 30 something year old man get so pissed by a post?

! If I were a crayon, I'd most likely be jammed up some kids nose.

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/1/2006 11:49 am

It goes in cycles... there are some who just run out of original thoughts, so in order to stay noticed, they stir up some sort of debate or drama over stupid stuff that really doesn't matter. It's best to just ignore it... after all, they don't know you, and since they don't know you, they can't really hurt you.

KandyCoated4U 52F
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9/1/2006 6:27 pm

very true Todd thanks for the wise words.

! If I were a crayon, I'd most likely be jammed up some kids nose.

rm_HDguy98 62M
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9/2/2006 9:39 am

Kandy I think it is because they lead insignificant lifes and no one respects or pays attention to them so this is a sounding board for them. It's your blog and if they spout off and get goofy heck delete them if you can. You just continue to put in your blog what you feel like and if they don't like it they don't have to read it. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with next, thank you and keep it up.....I mean the blog

KandyCoated4U 52F
755 posts
9/2/2006 1:50 pm

LOL Thanks HD you always make me smile

! If I were a crayon, I'd most likely be jammed up some kids nose.

rm_skyeone2 64M/45F
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9/3/2006 10:18 am

I have to agree with both ZZ and HD. If someone wants to get mad about what you write, that's there problem, not yours. If it gets too terribly bad, delete the comment and block the commenter. I've blocked 3 people so far, and quite frankly I feel much better for it. Granted blocking people is a last resort for me, but when they do nothing but attack you there's not much other choice.


Blessed Be

RealmAliosPhyma 69M
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9/3/2006 5:57 pm

Kandy...If you think about your question, "Why would a mature...etc", you have answered it yourself, for if the writer of the "rant" were either smart or mature he or she would recognize the laughable (almost) position it puts them in...

Shrug them off for they cause you to waste mental energy.

cme4u234 53M
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9/5/2006 10:02 pm

Hi Kandy, He just has nothing better to do with his life then be pissed off. Don't woory about. Enjoy life like i think you do. Good and bad, just have fun. We just aren't here long enough to be miserable.

ForgotOldAccount 29M
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9/6/2006 1:22 pm

Sadly, age doesn't really matter much. They say the average person never actually matures further than when they were twenty years old or so... it's just that hopefully some of us learn from experience down the line.

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