Waxing Lesson Learned  

Kallisti_5 36M
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6/22/2006 11:14 pm

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6/24/2006 11:22 pm

Waxing Lesson Learned

So, in preperation for the summer, my partner asked me to help her wax down her legs, ass, and her pussy. She suggets that I mention this in my blog, as she thinks it's really cute that I'd help her out. Maybe it's not totally altruistic--I do love her hairless legs, and could spend hours lipping her shaved bud.

The process took the better part of the day, one strip at a time. Her legs and ass done, we was trying to think of a new way to do her pussy. Additionally, she's sensitive about the hair on her arms, so she bought some Nair.

Curious, I tried some on my back. It tingled a little, akin to bleaching your hair. After the hair had denatured to the point of creating teeny-tiny wiggles, I wiped clean. There was a residual itch, and a vague chemical feel.

She then got the genius idea to use the Nair between her legs.

After a few minutes, the hair was ready. Wiping her clean, her eyes widened in pain, and hobbled bowlegged to the shower, where she blasted her pussy with the showerhead.

Now, with two icecubes treating her self-induced chemical burns, it looks like there will be no sex tonight. But, in trade, a lesson has been learned--no lye on the naughty bits. You've been warned!

rm_atta_girl 45F
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6/24/2006 8:11 pm

ooohh ouch i have had such moments myself. very un-fun you will ahev to give her a gentle kiss. . .


Kallisti_5 36M
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6/24/2006 9:26 pm

I will do that.

A day later, and the skin has healed, but the damn goo didn't even do that goo a job. Now, no sex until she's all better, and she has these silly looking shriveled-up stubble hairs.

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