The back of the theater...  

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7/19/2006 7:17 am

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The back of the theater...

My partner and I went to see Pirates last night. Yes, I'm a bit of a sucker for Hollywood escapism. The weather was lousy, and a dark, cool theater blasting me with all manner of special effect sounded pretty tempting. IMDb said it was pretty good, so, what the hell?

When we got into the theater some 15 minutes early, we cutely "dated", telling jokes, being kiddish in the front row. We had a wonderful time, trying to be all charming, making fun of the pre-preview ads, and throwing popcorn, yelling, "We want pirates! Give us pirates! Argh!"

Additionally, she wore a skirt, telling me she wanted me to finger-fuck her through the movie.

Just before the movie started, droves of people came into the theater, numbering thirty or so. Most gave us our space, but just before the lights dimmed, a group of six teens sat just behind us. I begrudge them nothing--they were there to enjoy the movie, cooing at Depp, laughing at the gags, and whispering amongst themselves. Still, my partner and I quickly got up and ran to the back row of the theater.

We sat on the far left side of the row, while another couple, about our age, sat on the other side. Just to my left sat two men, one row ahead. My partner curled up next to me, my arm around her, as the theater had those nice "arm rest optional" seats.

Naturally, my hand strayed down to her unprotected mons. While we watched Johnny run from a tribe of cannibals, I played with her labia, brushing my fingers up and down her slit. As Will Turner bartered for Jack's magic compass, she grabbed my arm, pulling me deeper, so I was actively finger-fucking her pussy, feeling the engorged ring around the entrance to her vagina. As Kracken sank a ship, I moved my fingers just above her clitoral hood, feeling the stiff cord of her clitoral nerve and swollen subdermal clit. Using two fingers, I pressed lightly, quickly running my fingers along the ridge, feeling her tense up, the muted bucking dance before orgasm, which, due to the setting, could not come.

Of course, twenty minutes of all this climaxless play can be frustrating, so I sat back. In not too much time, however, I playfully took out my cock in the dark of the cinema. She licked her palm, and began pumping me discreetly. While she rubbed me, I stared at the couple opposite us. "Why aren't you doing this, in this fine darkness?" I wondered. "We're both humans, impulse laden. You have a woman, she, a man. Yet, you sit back, bored, watching a movie that, I know, doesn't really hold your intrests," I thought, pitying them. For but a brief moment, my partner dipped her head down, giving my cock a quick suck, just to let her say she did IT later.

Still hard, I worked my cock back into my summer shorts. We smiled at each other, and settled in to innocently watch the rest of the movie.

Afterwards, we headed over to Barnes and Noble, hoping to find a good tantic manual. Coming up with nothing (besides a book of sex games that she wants to pawn off as her own ideas), we went home.

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