Out First Real Foursome This Saturday!  

Kallisti_5 36M
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7/19/2006 11:05 pm

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7/23/2006 2:22 pm

Out First Real Foursome This Saturday!

My partner and I just got through kicking an email to a couple that we've been flirting with over the past year. It's been a long, slow affair, seeing each other at various lifestyle events, awkwardly flirting back and forth, but always seeming to end up with something coming in the way from the four of us going full on monkeycrazy.

Not this time, motherfucker!

We've just made plans to get a room together at a cozy Bed and Breakfast in between the four hour distance between us. No disractions. No excuses.

And no experiences.

Holy God, Fuckin' A, and Sweet Baby Hey-Zeus! What did we jump into?!

Alright--first off, our actual swinging experiences are very, very minimal. My partner's been to a Lady's Night once. We've had sex in the same room as another couple, once, too, after the women played with each other some. And I once came home to having two women in my bed, and proceeded to watch them enjoy "round two." That's about it.

The other couple, on the other hand, are raw killers. Old school open season sexy. Charming, smart, sexy, bi, direct, and, ohmygod, been there done that.

How do you compete!? It's going to look like Serena Williams playing doubles with Steven Hawking!

While I'm sure it will be a wonderful, very fun, and long evening, I'm still going to open it up to my (two?) readers: Any tips? Suggestions? Ever had an orgy before? Common mistakes? Make sure you dos? Drop me a line!

Steel_Legs 59M/F

7/20/2006 1:14 am

It will be interesting to hear how your experience plays out. I've heard experienced lifestylers suggest both sides of the coin, as far as choosing a first couple to play with, some say more experienced is better, because they really know what's going on, and some say a couple with limited experience is better, because you won't tend to feel as intimated. I don't know, because I've never been there.

I posted a story on Bootcamp 101 group's blog titled, "My First Ever AdultFriendFinder After Hours Party." I tried to paint the picture of the jumble of nerves and arousal I experienced when my lady and I showed up and the humorous (to me) realization that no one was having, or evidently had intended to have sex. Most of the comments indicated I missed the mark, badly! Oh well, that won't keep me from writing, or growing, in sexuality or as a total person.

All the best,


Kallisti_5 36M
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7/20/2006 6:55 am

I think that, as all things, it's about the attitude as to who the "right" "firsts" should be. I wholly trust this couple, and being around them really makes both of us feel sexy, which is good. For instance, while they may be much more experienced, they still act very shy and timid, the same way we do around them, which actually is very relaxing.

rm_loneremily 33F
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7/20/2006 12:26 pm

MY friend--I've never had more than one person at a time. I've always wanted two guys. I actually met a guy that was smitten for me (and my ex) once.

He was a fan of my ex--known in his town as a rebel. He'd heard about me and how far my ex used to drive to meet me and made the assuption that I was a rocket.

When he finally met me, he brought up the idea. He was gorgeous; I WAS GAME!

But the ex was not; stated he didn't touch any snausages but his own (poo!)

So to me--you are more far more versed in the sex world. Ions of jealousy from my brain.

Please take MANY pics and email them to me. I want to see and fantasize.

Kallisti_5 36M
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7/20/2006 3:01 pm

That's too bad that you missed out on something that you've really enjoyed, though it is good of you to default to your ex's comfort zone. Better to err on the side of safety.

Indeed, the prospect of having sex while another man is in proximity is an interesting concern in our society. While I find myself to be a pretty liberated person, I would be amiss to pretend that I don't have my reservations.

The odd thing is that I guarentee the vast majority of men's hang-ups with other men (even if actual bisexuality is not on the table), is NOT an internal one. I think it's profoundly reflective. After all, when watching pornography, all men observe another man screwing. The big difference is that the image of the ourselves becomes in question--will the other guy think I'm a little gay? Will my partner, or the other woman?

I think, and have for a while, believed that this is completely a contruct of our patriarcy. To relenquish any part of a man's dominence (such as his heterosexuality) is to relenquish his status as a powerholder. To wit, biologically, all men receive some pleasure from anal play (the anus is very sensitive, as is the prostate) . Still, even in heterosexual relationships, anal play is taboo. It's not that *being fucked* doesn't feel good, its what *being fucked* means.

As a converse example, consider the prevailance of bisexual women. There is no biological evidence that would suggest that women are "built" to occationally slide towards bisexuality more frequently, so it must be social. Women, in a largely patriarchal society, have no power status (imagined, mind you) to loose. Gay men, on the other hand, have rejected heterosexuality as a prerequisate for masculinity/dominance, and so, are not confined to this dynamic.

As for pics, I dunno' if the other couple would be alright with it, as it is our first time playing with each other. I think it would detract from the experience. I'll kick you a full report, though, if all goes well.

rm_loneremily 33F
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7/20/2006 9:24 pm

Fair enough about the pics... Again, poo! I do think what you say about the anal part is true--usually. Personally, motherhood has left me with a "badge" near my anus that is painful. I'm still working on it. I used to enjoy it much.

rm_loneremily 33F
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7/23/2006 9:08 am

Where's the full report? How'd it go??? C'Mon, Man!!! Don't keep me hanging!

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