Frustrated In Sioux Falls  

Kallisti_5 36M
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7/13/2006 6:52 pm

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7/15/2006 9:40 am

Frustrated In Sioux Falls

Oh, these damnable nights.

There's just something about coming back to my home town that does it to me every time.

Maybe it's the thought of all the sex I wasn't having in high school. Maybe its that visiting my family means being on vacation, which means that I should be going out. Maybe it's knowing that I wouldn't be able to invite anyone "back to my pad", so there's less tension.

But where to go? I don't know the hot spots, and none of my old friends are into "the scene".

Who to go with? I've no real old flames to try booty-call (not that I've made any before). I don't know where my bi partner would want to go, and I feel like striking out alone.

These damnable nights.

Days of quiet flirtation with my seemingly highly-sexual high school friend (quick touches from both my partner and I ), but my friend gets the cold feet of a woman who don't know how much she enjoys sex or not, but is still killer gorgeous.

These damnable nights.

Had made plans with a couple from another site, for Saturday night, but they had to back down due to car trouble (or second thoughts).

It's SwingStock, but that sounds like such a committment. Or does it? Didn't I just get back from Winnipeg thinking, "Wow, that was great! Maybe SS would be alright!" Regardless, summer classes start on Monday, so I should be relaxing.

These damnable nights, where fucking quietly in my old bedroom while my family members walk around downstairs sounds so unfullfilling.

Likely, we'll end up seeing Superman or such until the night falls. then, I'll take my partner down to the old leather couch and try our new anal lube again. Should hold us off until we get back to St. Cloud where we can try her new cute baby-cat o' nine tails she grabbed!

nottycara 36F

7/13/2006 7:20 pm

I hear ya baby. Yes those are damnable nights indeed. In this part of the world, where i am from, sex is cheap and most people seems to be good at it? maybe its just me maybe thats the truth

Footsteps of family members in the background while at it will kill the almighty "O". hence why I moved out at 16 !! Damn it.

Sex on leather couch.. doesnt it get sweaty and wet and slippery? My boy's got a leather couch and i avoid it there all the time !
Nevertheless, have fun on the couch, rock it and break it

rm_loneremily 33F
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7/14/2006 8:16 pm

Superman was good--but a little too sappy... Not much into the "I love you" crap, myself.
Baby-cat o nine tails--both hot... and a little scary.
Although--I really liked the feeling when I got my tattoo
(Hello Kitty dressed in goth--AWESOME)

Kallisti_5 36M
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7/15/2006 9:40 am

The cat o' nine is really more of a novelty. The straps are of fabric, and only four inchs long. I suppose, though, that it gets the point across painlessly, and could be a little sting if used in the same place for a few dozen slaps.

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