The Last Romance  

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2/8/2006 10:12 pm

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The Last Romance

I was looking for a little inspiration tonight, and came across an emotion I didn't intend, or want to feel. I have a picture I keep of someone I hold dear. Whenever I need to write I look at it, and I'm always inspired. I wish she was still here, but she isn't and all I have left is a picture. Anyway, this is what transpired.

The Last Romance

I cannot go when you cannot say
Stars in the eyes
of the one that gets away.

So Please, Please just think
smell the salt in the breeze
just make up your mind
just stay or just leave

All I know about what its like to carry on
and stare down the fire
while my eyes burn and the sparks touch
maybe you can sit there but I have scream
Suddenly it left me and I go numb
I know that it can feel
But as I start to tremble and I get scared
because I can't see in the dark
but I can pretend your somewhere I'm sure
my time is lost, I'm here but I' empty
every tear has dropped

I've known passion, what it feels like to be loved
there wasn't enough time to make it enough
the depths that I drown, the cold water burns
Somehow I still stand, while the world comes crumbling down
Everything Lost, the mories that I forget
the stars that collide, and the absence of my heart
all of it has turned to fear and the anger that your not here
just the memories that always forget
and the regret that always lingers

(c)All kinds of wrong

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