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3/11/2006 12:36 pm

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The Index of My Blog

My Index! Or maybe it’s a table of contents? Who knows, but in case you missed the old stuff, here’s the links!

I deleted a few comments, because I revised this and wanted make my index the first comment, I'm sure those who got deleted will understand. It wasn't because I didn't like your comment, I just wanted to have my index first

Kaliedascope61 41M
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3/15/2006 10:46 am

The Index of my mind! The Humor, The fun, The Laughter, and the Tears. The Hurt, The Rage, The Anger and of course The Pain! It is all included in one way or another!

The Humor
Oh no that poor mans crack is infected!
Afternoon Naps and Sunday Funnies
Say Anything..
The Cry for War and Curtains
I don't know what you've been told but come on baby are my favorite words
The Pizza Man Cometh
Under the Weather!
I know where the women are on AFF!!!
Do you like the idea of having a Pole?
Help the man out!

The Fun
The Big Lewboski
Topic questions
Jamican Blue and Crash Test Dummies
Music Group
Super Friends
I was a Kaliedscope
A Sex Pole! I mean Poll
When the world was black & white
Its Hollywood, Answer the Door!!
Required Reading!
A receipe for a bachlor!
And the best supporting blog award goes too....
Who will be my top five sexiest vistors?
Calling all houston area bloggers!
Coheed & Cambria for 5er
check out the tattoo!!!
Happy Birthday to ME!
today is not my birthday
Nice Guys Vs. Bad Guys

The Laughter
Fried Pie and the End of the Universe
The Guy Who Shaved his Ass
The Beer Prayer
A Kangaroo Court in Blogland!
Look a baby seal!
Men Behaving Badly!!!!
Big Titty Kitty Oil Wrestling!
You know how I know your gay?
I'm a Ramblin' Man
Fiver left something on my blog!

The Lust
I want you
My Online Fantasy
She said Happy Birthday Baby!
Super Sunday Blow Job
Spit or Swallow
Sparks and Passion
She was so much more then I expected
I confess

The Love
From the mouths of the heartstruck
A Letter to My Dream Girl
Flippin HOT

The Tears
Night Terrors and Granpa Munster
You know that feeling you get?
I can't find myself tonight
A moment of silence for kirby
Good News for People who Love Bad News
Kaliedscope AM

The Hurt
A secret one for a sweet one
The Last Romance
In The Company of Strangers

The Anger
Fake People, Fake Pics
Have ya noticed?
Have you seen my dickydoo?
Talk Hard
I got into a fight! My confession
I dare you to do more!
Here is what a Spammer looks like!

The Pain
I want a lover I don't have to love
A complete man
A silent secret on a summer night.
Waves Crushed by the Black Sky
The House of Mirth

The Perfectly Obvious
Your powers of pointing out the perfectly obvious never cease to amaze me!
My powers of pointing out the perfectly obvious II
The Perfectly Obvious III
The Perfectly Obvious IV
The Perfectly Obvious V

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