Meanwhile the days are drifting away  

Kaliedascope61 41M
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5/3/2006 6:44 pm

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5/6/2006 5:07 pm

Meanwhile the days are drifting away

Meanwhile the days are drifting away

Less then 24 hrs and 30,000 feet in the air, and I will be soaring above the clouds, finally my body will be where my heart has been all along. Six days has turned into a matter of hours.

And some of us sink like stones.

So many things had to happen, to forge me into the man that I am. I have never had to wonder what got me here. The answer is simple and it is clear in my eyes. I have scars, little reminders of my past. I have answered the tough questions and I have been through the fire. The ship is sailing and I won't be late for the rest of my life.

Does this company make light of a rainy day?

I have touched her heart, but I have never looked into her eyes. The dreams of touching her skin are finally going to be the truth. I smile at every thought I have. I am still twisted, I am still intense, and I am in love with a blazing fire. I am still drunk and will forever be on the power I feel in my dark heart.

I found a fatal flaw in the logic of love.

I hear about the picket fences and the beautiful houses, the perfect wives and lives where everything is fulfilled on a whim. I have never known love in any kind of safety. There is no net that can catch you, no friend that can say the right cliche' at the right time. Without pain, with out the pressure building in my chest I could never know. With it, I am strong, and confident, and secure in love. I will risk everything I have ever known for a taste of this kind of perfection.

twirly_girl 47F

5/3/2006 9:08 pm

Good luck Kalie.
Have a safe trip and hope
you have a wonderful time.


mangomamiCT 41F

5/3/2006 10:59 pm

have fun

Sorceror07 54M

5/3/2006 11:01 pm

if my guess is correct, you have NO idea what you're in for... it's all good, it's really ALL good safe travels bro!

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

meerkittykat 42F

5/3/2006 11:52 pm

So cool...I'm excited for ya.

alphuctup 40M

5/4/2006 1:05 am

I don't really know you...I've only been visiting the blogs for a short time, but man I'm rooting for ya! That 3rd section "I have touched her heart..." beautiful, love it.

tillerbabe 55F

5/4/2006 1:51 am

Me too! Oh how I understand! A little less than 4 months to go for me...loving every excruiciating minute!

Phuc_Buddy 46M

5/4/2006 5:57 am

Enjoy and live the experience my friend.

absolutelynormal 56F
6563 posts
5/4/2006 7:36 pm

Dark heart huh? If you had a dark heart perhaps it is she that has touched yours? You're a sweetie Kalie, dark heart my ass! Have a wonderful time, glad you found each other. Mac

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