Fake People, Fake Pics  

Kaliedascope61 41M
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1/31/2006 3:33 pm

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3/15/2006 9:54 pm

Fake People, Fake Pics

So I'm browsing the profiles, and I'm seeing so many that are almost embarssingly fake, pics taken from magazines or websites of men and women, or probably men posing as women, but I'm sure there are plenty of women faking it to, matter of fact I know there are, I ran into one once, thats another story for another time. Anyway I start thinking, and the wheels starting turning and smoke was coming out of my ears. What if I started putting together a list in my blog of people I think are fake, and let others post lists as well? I've done some checking on here and there really isn't a place to go to verify if someone is fake or not, lets face it there are some smart ones out there who have stolen real pics of real people and put them up as there own. So this will be my little spot on AdultFriendFinder to not only put the names of the obvious ones, but also the names of the more clever ones. So my question is...who is with me? I want to know who is real and who is not, I've paid my silver membership fee and I think I should know.

InfiniteDiest 46M

3/11/2006 1:45 pm

I'm with you! Paying members unite! I got one to start of the list!


Pure, un-refined, organic, bull~^~! I don't get a lot though. I think the bull~^~ers are afraid that I'll do what you and I have done. Started an member supported movement against the fakers that infest this site.

rm_Mr_Shawn2u 39M
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12/23/2006 5:45 pm

Im soooooooooooooooo with yall. There is a woman on this site right now who stole some pics. Now she claims that its her in the pics but she got busted when I show a couple of pics with me and her together.............. how can you come back from that?????

Now she claims she is from cali......... but the owner of the pics lives in new york.

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