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Main Course

I invited Mike to come to my home on Saturday evening. I was so excited! It had been a long time since we last met, and I fantasized a lot about how it would be, planning every single detail.

On that day, before he arrived, I cleaned up the house until it was impeccable, and probably a level beyond that, overzealous. I swear it had never, ever been that neat before in there. Then, in a hurry, because it was getting late, I proceded to clean myself. I resigned to taking a quick shower, instead of a long bath, because of the tight schedule. I touched myself a lot but didn’t want to masturbate all the way, even though I was eager to get off after a long period of forced abstinence.

Then I wondered what to wear. I went all around, naked, trying this and that. The underwear was of course most important. I settled for a black ensemble, a demi bra and a thong, I though he would like. I’ve had the chance to probe him for his tastes on the matter, on the phone. He likes fancy stuff, and also undies you can play with, not necessarily just take them off right away. Demi bras can be pulled down so you don’t even have to remove them.

Now what? I didn’t want to wear just a shirt and a skirt like I do at work. How about something much bolder, like just a bathrobe? Nah, that wouldn’t do. I didn’t want a dress either, mainly because I didn’t have a real sexy one. Then I fell on that old traditional kimono I received as a gift long ago, but these things are so difficult to wear. On the other hand, it was bold, and that would make him work to strip me naked.

So I settled for the kimono. It takes a manual to wear these things correctly, litterally! There are so many pieces and you need to fold them just right. I did my best while referring to the open booklet on my bed, flipping pages the best I could, freeing a hand by biting a piece of clothing sometimes. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. I was very pretty in that thing, but I wondered if I had made a correct choice. But alas, no time to change my mind, time was passing by too quickly.

I went to the kitchen, where I had already started preparing my own version of shrimp étouffée and rice. I also prepared oysters en brochette to go along with it, and chef salad with vegetables. I love cooking and I’m pretty good at it. I hoped he would love what I was making for him. Food tastes better if it’s been made with love, they say.

Now down to the basement to choose a bottle of wine. This event deserved the best, so I selected my very best bottle, a red wine, Nebbiolo, Elio Altare Barolo Arborina, 1979. Inherited from my late grandmother. I came back quickly so dinner would not burn. I was so sweaty from running all around with these clothes I almost thought of taking another shower! I worried about a thousand other things, like if I forgot to do anything like changing sheets or something. Let me see… Nothing came to my mind.

A knock at the door. I rushed to open it. It was him! He had brought some roses and his own bottle, expensive champagne. Surprisingly, we hardly spoke a word, and kissed. I just allowed him inside while he looked at me, and around. He told me I looked beautiful, although he obviously wondered about my dressing; he obviously expected something more, well, casual, given his own clothing. He wore exactly what he was wearing at work! And I was afraid of looking like a fool.

We embraced each other and kissed passionately this time. I pushed him back after a minute, asking that we save some for after dinner. I was hungry for sex of course, but I was hungrier for food at that moment. I served the food, then we ate, almost without a word, just staring into each other’s eyes. I could tell he liked it, and that relieved me. We teased each other under the table with our feet. Dinner was really sexy. I was wet long before we had even finished. We wanted each other badly, but just not badly enough to skip the dinner.

Once we were finished, I kissed him without a word. We had agreed it would be done my way, and that he would help me realize a fantasy of mine, but he didn’t have a clue what it would be. He kissed me back, having me sit on his lap, then we embraced and kissed each other more seriously, brushing each other’s hair.

We kissed and cuddled in that position for quite a while, until I wispered into his ear, begging him to carry me to my room, which he did. He laid me down on my bed and joined me, then we kissed side by side. I removed his jacket little by little, then unbuttoned his shirt, pushed him so he would lay on his back, then explored his chest, his stomach. He lets me keep the lead as he promsised earlier, just enjoying himself while caressing me, my hair, my neck, my back.

Then I laid on him and kissed him more. He started to undress me, so I decided to sit on him and assist him, guiding his hands with mine. There were quite many layers to remove, until he would reach my skin, but it happened that I liked it very much and so did he. He took his time, caressing my body through my clothes. I resisted having him strip me faster, even though I was feeling the urge, the heat, that eagerness to have him bite my breasts and touch me down there.

Halfway through, he laid me on my back and continued from the top, having me feel his lips through the clothes, while he kissed them. Finally, he unveiled my stomach, then my chest. He massaged my breasts, taking a moan from me, as I pushed myself toward his mouth, pressing my breasts on his face. Soon I had him pull the bra down a bit, so he could suck and lick them directly. Then I closed my eyes, and let him eat them for a while, enjoying myself, groaning, pulling his hair (not too much).

I explained to him I wanted him to put some eatable oil on me, on every single square centimeter of my skin, then to lick it. He smiled, somewhat liking the idea, even though I am certain he found it pretty strange. I laid on my stomach, enjoying the massage. He was pretty good at it, I must admit. His technique was superb, relaxing.

The feeling of the hot oil on my skin was also fantastic. He applied it on my back, my neck, my arms, my legs down to my feet, my cheecks, which he also licked and bit, then he turned me around on my back and resumed with my chest and stomach.

Meanwhile, my eyes being closed, I sort of felt his pants and pulled them down, then his underwear. I held his erect penis with my two hands, stroking him once or twice, then went down to his testicles, caressing them. He moved my hands away, then went down on me. I felt his breath between my legs. He kissed and ate my pussy, making me moan loudly. But it was my turn to push him away.

I told him his job was not finished, then he coated his fingers with some more oil and inserted them in my pussy. Oh, bliss, that burning heat inside me! He asked me if I was sure, but I didn’t bother to answer the obvious. I wanted to be fingered hard! And so he did, with three fingers, while licking oil elsewhere. I arched my back almost instantly, releasing a quite embarassing moan, laughing a bit. I told him to go harder, deeper. I also guided him toward my spot, and asked him to use more oil.

He mastered the technique pretty quickly, while massaging and eating my breasts. I couldn’t help moving to accompany his movements, not just my pelvis, but my entire body, using my feet and my shoulders. I breathed and moaned louder, as his moves grew in speed and intensity, and so did my pleasure.

My first orgasm was building up. I couldn’t spread my legs farther apart, but somehow my muscles kept trying to the point of mild pain, and so did all my other muscles, tensed beyond belief. I pressed him on me, moaning for him, muttering his name between two breaths, rolling my eyes backward, curling my toes, arching my back, yes, oh yes, that’s it…

Minutes of this madness, and I could stand it no longer, begging the almighty to just let me explode. At this moment, he left my breasts and ate my clit instead, still fingering me hard and deep. Now that was it. Less than thirty seconds of that godly circling with his tongue and I came, a wave of pleasure spreading to the extremities of my body, and I squeezed my breast to heighten my orgasm which gave me spasms, and had him press my pelvis with his head with my other hand, screaming, gasping for air, shivering.

It didn’t last long, but hell it was so intense! And it didn’t stop there, or should I say, he didn’t stop there. He continued to finger and eat me, and I was just too happy to receive more of that godsend. And so it went, without even some time for me to catch my breath.

After a while, he inserted his tongue too, adding to the experience. I didn’t know you could tongue fuck a woman like that, but he has some technique! What’s more, that didn’t stop him from using his fingers too.

Meanwhile, I stroked my oily clit with one hand and squeezed my breast with the other. That experience was truly unique; not only was I fingered and tongued like I never had before (and seldom was at all) but I was also masturbating at the same time in an equally unusual manner, covered with oil all over.

My groans turned into moans, then into screams of joy as I quickly climaxed again, quite unexpectedly, more intensely and longer than the previous time, while staring at the ceiling and our blurred shadows moving on it. I had climaxed twice already but he didn’t stop yet! He continued, but removed his tongue and had it back on my clit instead.

So much stimulation was exhausting, but I definitely wanted more, and so I was on for another orgasm. I embraced him with my legs, and he lifted my pelvis with his hands, so he was no longer fingering me, but that was still just as pleasurable. I resumed moaning, squeezing both my breasts, moving my pelvis, arching my back even more.

I was unusually fast to come that night, climaxing a third time before I realized I was even coming, gasping, then screaming of joy, planting my nails deep into my flesh, spreading my legs away from him, raising my pelvis up into his mouth, standing on my toes.

And then I fell back, exhausted. He smiled, then went up, caressed my hair and kissed me. We then sit in front of each other, kissing and caressing each other.

I then impaled myself on him, still both sitting and embracing each other, kissing, cuddling. I felt him deep inside me, his breath on my neck, his hands into my hair, on my back, his nails on my spine, making me offer my neck for him to kiss and bite, his teeth grazing my tender skin, while moving on him, thrusting his phallus deep inside, having it hit my cervix.

He tried to accompany me in the intercourse the best he could. I moaned in his mouth, then we stopped kissing as it became quite hard to breath that way. I heard him moan a bit too. My heart was pounding hard and racing fast as our pace quickened, and we got more furious. More moans from the both of us. We kissed a bit more, or at least we tried, but it was getting difficult.

Neither of us could contain oneself any longer. I could read in his sweet, relaxed face that he would come soon, whether I was ready or not; fortunately, I was.

I muttered his name one last time while I was still about to speak, then moans took over. Our pace quickened further and it became difficult to remain synchronized. I breathed and moaned on his neck, his shoulder, pressing him against me, shivering from the intensity of the orgasm that I felt growing, pressure accumulating.

We both fell down, me laying on him and now I'm the only one moving, but both moaning without control or restraint, and then we came together. Him raising his back, bending his head backward, screaming lowly and gasping like all men do when they come, and me climaxing violently, screaming loudly, shaking, then shivering.

We both remained in that position for a while, staring into each other’s eyes between quick kisses. We both confessed to love each other, kissed more, then moved apart.

Then I went down on him while he was still semi-hard, and started to stroke and kiss his cock. He quickly regained his erection and I teased his swollen acorn, his testes, his stomach.

I had read about some sweet spots of male genitalia, like the base of the penis or the line of the scrotum, and was eager to try them out while sucking his penis head, circling around with my tongue. I could tell he liked it only by the way he moaned, let alone the fact that his pelvis quickly starting pushing upward.

I stroked him while kissing him, running my free hand on his stomach, then to these places I wanted to try out, and turned out to be pretty effective. He moaned more, and muttered things like yeah baby, that’s it, while brushing my hair. He kept repeating this until he jerked and came in my mouth. I like semen so I licked every single drop of it. He kept brushing my hair while I did that.

We agreed that we both needed a shower. He kindly let me go first. I rinsed all that oil off my skin while replaying our latest lovemaking in my head. It had been so wonderful. I was equally excited at the idea of sleeping with him that night. I tried not to spend too much time in the shower. I got out, put a towel around myself and joined him.

To my surprise, he was holding my dolphin vibe! I started to ask him about it, but he quickly said it was just there on the bed table. I was so embarassed, letting one of my toys where everybody could find it. I wasn’t that much embarassed of having him find out… well, a little, since it was unintended. He smiled and I blushed.

He kissed me while walking me back into the shower where we had a little more fun with the vibe. He raised me and pushed me against the wall, having me clench him with my arms and legs, then with a free hand turned the vibrator on and thrusted it into my pussy, which also clenched the toy, trying to get the most of that sweet vibration.

I climaxed once again, in less than two minutes, and then he penetrated me once more, each of his thrusts pushing me harder against the wall.

We were both laughing like kids, enjoying ourselves. We couldn’t play much, but it was fun anyway. We muttered dirty words into each other’s hear, then laughed more, that until we, or at least I, could no longer, overwhelmed by pleasure and the need to moan.

I clenched him harder as my orgasm grew, I felt it coming as fast as a train in a tunnel, but it was a long, long tunnel. He was fucking me so hard, it was fantastic. I had a spasm right before I came once more, screaming, then all my muscles weakened, and he had to kneel down, but he didn’t come with me, keeping his quick pace, and there I knew he was up for another one.

But this time it lasted longer and it was sweeter, because we could kiss and cuddle to our hearts’ content. Speaking of hearts, I put my hand on his chest, and I could feel his pounding hard through his thick, strong muscles, brushing his hair.

We started to moan together, kissed more, then we went past the point of no return, where we would come together again in each other’s arms.

We looked at each other, staring into each other’s eyes again for a sweet moment that lasted forever, both looking vulnerable, about to share tremendous pleasure and reach heavens together. And we did climax together, more intensely than the previous times.

His jerking movements inside me only heightened my orgasm, which ironically made me move away from him so my pelvis could press against him more and from a better angle, filling me with an intense feeling of fulfillment, of warmth, of deep happiness words cannot accurately transcribe.

My body was way too exhausted to adequately answer the stimulation, but my mind was very clear, sharp, and the feelings very crisp. My orgasm lasted much longer than his; in fact, it lasted until he went limp and pulled out.

Then I sort of fainted in his arms. I was still conscious, but could no longer move at all; all I could do was breathe. He held me in his arms for a long time, letting water run on us. I wished we could just stop time and remain like that forever and ever.

We came out, then changed the sheets (they were beyond help so I trashed them later) and went to bed, naked. It was still early but we were so exhausted, so we turned off the lights quite soon after and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Believe it or not, but in the middle of the night he wanted more, and woke me up caressing me. I had two more orgasms, but I wasn’t really into it, so it wasn’t as ecstasic as earlier, but I enjoy his pleasure just as mine, and I liked having him come inside me once more.

I like it so much when he moans, when he makes these strange, uncontrollable jerkings moves when he comes, the kind of cute face he makes when his pleasure grows, his back arching when he expels his semen. A man coming inside you, or in your hands, your mouth, is the sweetest thing I can imagine.

In the morning, I woke up earlier than him. I got up, put a t-shirt on and prepared breakfast for the both of us, which we ate in the bed.

Of course we couldn’t help playing with the food, just like kids. We had so much fun.

Unfortunately, he had to leave soon after, but I didn’t allow him to leave without some more cuddling and the promise of meeting again sometime soon.

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6/30/2005 12:03 pm

Checking to see if anyone can post a comment in this blog.

Have a nice day everyone.

Hugs... Kitty.

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7/20/2005 10:19 pm

Hey kitty
I have been making the rounds in your blogs. Your stories are just so hot. I said what I thought before you have a talent. I think most people may be stunned by your blogs and their length. You should consider tha magazine. Your stories are better written and edited than the ones there. You have the talent just break the stories into a few parts and submit them.I have wood every time I read your story. I know it starts from your picture but your words are what keep me aroused. What a delicious feeling. Does it make you excited to pour out your feelings onto a blank page or is it cathartic. You allways seem to build from the mundane like cleaning up to the peak or orgasm,then fade to the dénouement. Along with great power comes great responsibility,kitty. Use it wisely while some of us hoble around like a tripod. 42

KajunKittyt4U 52F
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7/26/2005 11:34 pm

Thanks JustFun for visiting my journals.

Hugs... Kitty.

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