Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?  

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Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

This is a real journal of my life, that happened in my past and up to today. I will state if the blog is a fantasy!!!

In my last blog "My First Threesome" you met my boyfriend, Mike. This is how I met Mike...

One of my friends gave a party at her house, like she does a few times every year. Although every time in the past I had declined, but this time I gladly accepted. Of course, her telling me there might be some handsome single men, helped me make up my mind, otherwise I might not have bothered; too much people, noise and cigarette smoke for my taste. Oh, and since her house isn’t that big, we end up stepping on each other’s toes all the time.

I forgot all of that at my first glance at that young, handsome guy just showing up at the front door with his gray suit and his bottle of wine. Twenty something, tall, with light, black hair, hazel eyes, cute face, charming smile, nice build
even through his clothes, cool gait… and he seems to be alone! He shook a few hands at the entrance and then comes my way. He passes me by, but we then have a few seconds to stare at each other. I didn’t know how to approach him. Fortunately he
came to me instead.

It was a bit difficult to chat in that cluttered, noisy living room (and what’s with that boring, loud music anyway? can’t we turn it off please?), so instead of screaming all the time, we ended up closer to each other, almost talking into each other’s ear. There I learn we have a lot in common, starting with the fact that he works for… a competitor. Yep, he is an accountant too.

We share a lot, like our love of good wines, novels, classical music, travels and whatever
makes the financial world so fascinating. I learn he knows German, and he travels there from time to time. He told me a lot of his stories, and in his eyes, I felt like he would have wanted to show me as well. And he asked of me before I could tell
him on my own. He’s a very forward person, open, honest, romantic, perhaps a bit bold but…

So we drank and talked a lot. We were getting closer, both physically and mentally. We started kissing each other on the neck. We pretended to dance, so the otherwise obvious wouldn’t be so striking. I just wanted to go somewhere private with him, right now; to hell with my reservations and what others would think.

I could feel he desired me as well. We were so close, I could feel his erection. He was so hard, and likely so big! And his touch was so electric! His hands slid to my buttocks and cupped them. Could anybody see? I didn’t know if I should do something, but I just wanted them to remain right where they were. Besides, there were so many people bumping against each other on that floor I doubted anybody would pay attention. Quite bold myself, I pressed my body against his own, letting him feel my breasts. Did he feel the same as when I felt his erection? Apparently so, since we then stared into each other’s eyes and couldn’t let go. We desired each other so badly. We wanted out. Now.

Actually, we made the suggestion at the same time. I thought he would lead me out to some place, instead we fled to the basement. He was gently pulling my hand, walking backward so we could still look at each other, even in the stairs. Down
there we bursted out laughing, then he showed me to a somewhat spacious closet where we could have some intimacy. So we left the lights out, got in and closed the doors behind us, making ourselves comfortable among the clothing. We couldn’t see a thing, but we could feel each other. He pressed me against the wall, then himself against me. We tried to find each other’s lips in the dark using our fingers. We both cup our hands on each other’s chin. We closed on each other, our lips making contact. Not too fast! He explored my lips for a moment, then kissed me passionately, grabbing my hair and so did I.

We keep kissing, cuddling, pressing ourselves against each other, feeling each other’s desire. I ran my hands on his large, strong back, pressing my chest against his, exciting him while feeling his own which excited me even more. I put
my chin on his shoulder and he reached my neck, kissing, caressing. His legs were making their ways between mine. That’s where I wanted to stop.
“You really want to do it here?” I asked. Then we bursted out laughing again. Of course we wanted to. But…

“You don’t happen to have one, do you?” he muttered into my ear. “What are you talking about?” I replied. “You know what. I… think I forgot to bring one.” FUCK, I didn’t either.

So we’re there in each other’s arms, ready to strip each other, and perform the most daring
lovemaking experience, and we happen not to have a condom. How pathetic. We agreed on going out and find a store that was still open, then a more intimate place.

Surprisingly, he still wouldn’t let go of me, resuming kissing, then unbuttoning my shirt. I wondered what he was up to, but didn’t dare to ask him and ruin everything. He told me he wanted to warm me up first. He was darn good at it! I don’t remember much, nor could I see anything of what he did to me, but I could certainly feel it.

During the next twenty minutes or so, he skillfully stripped me half-naked, rubbing my breasts, fondling my skin with his powerful hands and fingers, making me even wetter that I already was. I felt his breath and his lips on my skin,
on my undies. He didn’t remove my bra, but it started to hurt a bit, so I took it off myself, then he tasted my breasts directly. I let out a moan. I removed his jacket, then bit into his shoulder as his hand went down between my legs.

He wanted to remove my soft, silk panties, but I told him not to. I didn’t want him to touch me down there yet with his bare fingers, but I hoped he would be clever enough to rub me through my panties, something I had wanted to try for a while. He did. I almost jumped on him, pressing him on the wall, humping his hand, kissing him in the mouth and moaning into it as well, holding his head into my full hands, brushing his hair with my fingers.

We fell on our knees, still kissing furiously. His fingers moved faster on my lips and swollen clit, so skillfully. The contact of silk rubbing on my pussy was so pleasurable, more than I anticipated.
His touch was divine, putting just the right pressure, making just the right moves.

I no longer had enough breath to keep kissing and I let go of a louder moan, louder than I should have. Would they hear up there? It only added to my excitation as I started laughing at the same time I was moaning. I was getting more aggressive,
like every time I drink, so him just touching my crotch was no longer enough.

I started to hump his thight instead. I certainly surprised him with this move, just as I was surprised when after a while, I felt him grind my side. Feeling his erection increased my pleasure tenfold, and I cuddled him up even more intensely. We moved together, moaned together. I couldn’t help laughing between two groans, thinking of the situation, but soon I forgot as I sensed my orgasm build up.

He said something I didn’t understand, but his voice was so erotic to my ears it didn’t matter. We kept going, and I heard him groan, and he moved faster, and so did I. At this point, I couldn’t speak any more, and I was getting so loud, I had to bite into his shoulder once more, then tried the back of his neck. I then felt him cum on me, his strokes getting more jerky, and that was enough to make me climax as well. The scream came out regardless of my precautions. I ground him even more powerfully that I thought I could, lasting my pleasure for as long as possible.

Then we both rested. Silly me, I started to cry on his shoulder. He embraced me and we remained there for a while without moving. He told me I excited him so much earlier, that he couldn’t resist me. Of course, sooner or later he had to ruin the moment by saying he had to clean himself up, but I understand how it must be like. We kissed each other and got out, then I put my clothes back on as fast as I could.

I wanted to go to the bathroom with him but resisted the urge. I imagined him cleaning himself from the pleasure I gave him. I fantasized about how his penis would be, even how it would feel like when he finally fills me. My mind was running wild across his naked body. Finally he came out, and we fled outside without even telling anyone.

It was quite cold outside, and it felt even colder after such a warm exercise. Then he drove my car to the store that I knew was still opened. Mike told me to wait for him, that he wouldn’t be long. It felt like an eternity anyway. Then he drove to the best and quiet hotel in town. I don’t remember much about that part, only that I would have devoured him, even on the back seat of my car.

We resisted the urge to fuck right there in the hotel’s hallway, waiting until we had reached his room instead. For a moment I was nervous, wondering if there were any vacancies, or if they still rented rooms at this late hour, but everything went smoothly. So we took the elevator up to the… oh well, I don’t remember the floor, but it was ten something. I thought about
doing it right there in the elevator, and so did he (I think), but it was better to wait for the bed. It must have taken my lover one minute to open the door, but I certainly wasn’t helping. Finally, we got inside the room and closed the door.

He pressed me against the wall right there, like he did in the closet, and kissed me again. Then I put my legs around his waists while he lifts me and carries me to the bed, still kissing of course. He laid me on the bed, then removed his coat, jacket and shirt, finally revealing his bare skin! And he has the sexiest body I have ever seen! Strong arms, pectorals and abdominal muscles, elegant black hair on his chest. Then he laid down on me and kissed me again passionately. We didn’t need much foreplay but wanted some anyway.

We must have kissed and cuddled forever. We wanted to go on but couldn’t. I can still feel his hand brushing my untied hair, his mouth everywhere on my face, neck, shoulders. I remember the feeling of my hands running on his skin, exploring the
curves of his muscles. I still can’t believe there are guys like that anywhere in the real world. He’s so athletic! Even there I wondered if he felt the same about me, I’m not sure. But I was too drunk to worry.

At some point I took the initiative, turning him over on his back, and attacked his chest, breathing, kissing it, brushing his hair. He put his hands on me, still caressing my hair while I relished his skin with my tongue. It had been quite a while since thelast time I had tasted a man, let alone a real one! He was definitely enjoying that, especially when I reached his hairy belly button while unbuttoning his pants.

I heard him groan and felt his hands squeeze me harder. He liked that, but I didn’t want to go down on him, at least not too quickly. So I sat on his abdomen and guided his hands to my breasts. He wanted to unbutton my shirt like every gentleman would but, I grabbed his wrist and pulled down quickly, making his hands pop out all the buttons at once (I was really drunk).

I bended over him and muttered something like “Attack me baby!” and “Devour me!”… I didn’t need to say it twice. I almost thought he would bite my jugular like a vampire and shred my flesh like a werewolf. I bet right then he knew exactly what I wanted. He push me against the mattress and ate my breasts, pulling the demi-bra down instead of
unhooking it. He said something like “You like that babe, say you like it!” and I couldn’t help approving him, answering “Oh yeah, keep it up!”, clutching him as hard as I could, although he might not have felt anything since I’m not very strong.

I closed my eyes for a while, feeling his grasp on me and his mouth sucking my breasts, and then opened my eyes again, staring at the ceiling, bursting out laughing. I groaned, then moaned, then screamed as he was doing it harder. I could
sense the texture of his tongue, but also his teeth. His way of half-biting me was the most exciting, savage foreplay experience I ever had with any lover. I knew he desired me very intensely.

He turned me over on my stomach, then massaged and tasted my back, pretty much the same way I enjoyed his chest. His hands sometimes slid to my sides and even teased my breasts. Meanwhile I just enjoyed myself, closing my eyes. When he slipped his hands under me and resumed massaging my breasts, while his knee forced its way between my legs, I moaned into the pillow, biting it.

About a minute later, he turned me on my back, pulling down my pants after unbuttoning them
with his teeth, and went down on me . He teased my inner thighs a bit, then removed my soaked panties and ate my pussy furiously.

I couldn’t help screaming, while arching my back at the powerful contact of his tongue on my clit. Oh yeah, that’s it. I put my hands on his strong neck, pressing his mouth harder against my crotch. He was so good at it. Each of his lick sent a chill up to my head. I could no longer breathe normally, nor even look up at the ceiling, since I was so much arched backward I was rather facing the upper section of the wall behind instead.

I felt my sweat run down my chest and stomach, to
my sides and between my legs, and also some dropping from under my thighs. The pleasure he was providing me was so intense that my body was quivering. I felt cold because of the sweat, but also because of the wind from outside, and just realized it somehow had been left half opened.

I started to raise my pelvis and move it, and he clenched my bottom to support me. I love to be raised a bit like that while being eaten. I tried to tell him that I liked that, but all I could do was moan louder and louder, press him harder against me, and tense my muscles even more.

I was about to come. I screamed and shook with joy. As usual, I had this feeling it would never be delivered, that the release wouldn’t happen. And then I came, arching my back even more, screaming, pushing my pelvis toward him like my pussy was an offering to him, pulling his hair, moaning a bit between two screams, bearing a mind-blowing orgasm that never seemed to stop. Even after I fell back on the bed, he wouldn’t
leave, drinking my abundant juices while I was catching my breath.

Then he got on his knees, raised my legs and removed my socks, sucking my toes. That’s when I first saw his huge cock pointing its head out of his underwear. All I could say is “Wooow…” (I really said it!). I got on my knees myself, and
pulled his pants and underwear down, that he removed and threw away while I stroked and tasted his huge, moist penis. It was definitely the largest I had seen, even slightly larger (and mightier) than my vibrator. I also held his balls and brushed the hair all around.

That’s where he pulled a condom out, broke the envelope and put it into my hand, closing my fingers on it. I wondered for a moment if even an XXL would fit him, but it went down just fine.

I wanted to resume where I left but he had other plans, pushing me back on the bed, then pulling up my legs over his shoulders and inserting his cock deeply into me, thrusting quite fast, violently hitting my cervix every time. I was afraid it would hurt, but it was alright. No man even went that deep inside me before, and it excited me. But the best thing is how he actually filled me. Each thrust pushed the walls of my vagina far more than I was used to. Yet it wasn’t painful, only more intense.

I rested my head on the pillow, closing my eyes, feeling him inside me, feeling pleasure invading me, my orgasm slowly building up. I could hear him
groan from his own pleasure, the wet sound of fucking, of my fluids glossing his erect member.

I couldn’t help reaching and squeezing my breasts. He said he liked to hear me moan between two of his own moans (I like to hear a guy’s pleasure).

His pace quickened, and so did his breathing. I wondered if he could hold long enough for me to come too, and I felt it coming at this very moment, that sweetness inside me. I told him to go harder, while I was still able to speak. I screamed and shook, when he changed his angle of penetration, stimulating more sensitive areas.

Yeeesss… I started to move the best I could
to accompany him while squeezing my breasts even harder, planting my nails inside my flesh like I use to do, moaning, screaming, shaking my head, bending it backward. There it was… OH FUCK! I didn’t think I could arch my back in that awkward
position, but somehow I managed to do it, that explosive orgasm commanding it. I screamed even louder, shook then shivered, curling my toes, my pelvis making erratic thrusting movement ,and so was the rest of my body, as I couldn’t stand in place.

Completely out of control, overwhelmed by pleasure, and joy spreading in pulses, and waves throughout my body to its farthest extensions. It lasted long enough for me to run out of breath, gasp, then resume moans and screams for a few more
seconds, until I could finally rest, exhausted.

I opened my eyes to watch the sweet expression on his face as he was about to come himself. I moved my legs down to his sides and clenched him around his waist with them, embracing him with my arms, and pulled him down toward me, so close our
foreheads would almost make contact. Feeling him so close to me, so close to climax was ecstatic.

He groaned and moaned louder, his eyes getting really cute. Right before he came his thrusts became jerks, and then he had spasms as he gasped,
thrusting more slowly but more violently, coming inside me, expelling his semen. Then he stopped, resting on me a bit, all sweaty, catching his breath.

We stared at each other for a long, blissful moment. I caressed him, still feeling him penis
inside me. I told him I loved him, and he answered with a long, passionate kiss.

I couldn’t help crying, as usual. He noticed tears running on my cheeks of course, but before he could ask, I rolled over him, kissed him back and rested my head on his shoulder, asking him to cuddle me. And so he did, and we rested like that a bit more, in each other’s arms.

He finally asked me why I was crying, but I didn’t bother to answer. He turned me on my back, kissed me, then drank my tears. I believe this is the most romantic thing a man ever did to me. We couldn’t help kissing each other for perhaps an hour after that while cuddling. It was so sweet.

I thought many times we would resume lovemaking, but we fell asleep in each other’s arms instead. When I woke up my head was still spinning. It was morning already. He had already gotten up and got dressed, but he stayed there, sitting in a
chair, watching me sleep completely naked.

“You’re so lovely,” he told me. I didn’t know what to answer. I got up, leaned over him and kissed him. “Last night was wonderful,” I said, putting my forehead on his, my hands behind his neck, kissing him again. Then I sat on him and we
cuddled each other, leaning my head on his.

“Tell me, why is it that such a charming male like you doesn’t have a girlfriend?” I asked for no apparent reason. He sighed. “I’ve never managed to keep one for long because of my schedule.” Sounded like something I could have said myself.

“I don’t mind that. I’m quite busy myself.” Then I added: “Will you spend the day with me?” “I’m sorry, I have to go before noon”, he replied. “I have to be in Munich tonight.”

I could not wait to meet him again.

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6/25/2005 6:36 am

wow thatwas some fantastic tale, made me really horney

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Congrats kitty, you just made our watched blogs list

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Once again, you hit a home-run

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Thanks guys, and purejoy.

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Kitty! The way you describe the detailes in your story
is extraordinary!

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Hi lickyougood, Thanks for the very nice e-mail, and the compliments.

Hope you find that special lady.

Hugs... Kitty

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6/27/2005 2:10 pm

I have to admit, you really have a way with words. Your attention to detail is incredible. You are an extraordinary lady with a gift for writing erotica. Thank you for sharing.

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7/26/2005 5:23 am

vc é D+

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Thanks everyone for visiting my journal.

Hugs... Kitty.

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