Caught In The Shower  

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6/30/2005 11:56 am

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Caught In The Shower

Last night I experienced the most embarassing moment of my life. Thank goodness it hadn’t ruin my career though.

I may own the most fabulous bathroom, but I don’t even have something as basic as a detachable shower head. However, we have one at work. The shower itself is small, but it’s in a separate room that offers quite a great deal of privacy. So when I spend the night at work and there is no longer anybody else on that floor, I most often take a shower to relax, usually before I go take a nap on a couch. During the last months, I didn’t miss a chance to use the shower head to pleasure myself. The feeling of the hot water jet running on my pussy drives me crazy.

I had even brought my Dolphin vibrator in my purse in anticipation. I had to complete an urgent report for the day after, so I would sleep over at the office. But at 2AM I couldn’t concentrate any longer, both because I was getting tired and because I was pretty sure I was all alone. I took my bag, containing my towel, cloth, soap, lotion, shampoo and a change of clothes, and vibe, then I went straight to the shower room and locked myself inside. A good release would help me sleep soundly.

I was particularly excited because it was the first time I tried a vibe under the shower. I was certain it would feel great. I stripped naked while letting the shower heat up (and the room steam up), then got inside. I started by washing my hair, once, then twice. Then I took a soft cloth and sensually washed my body, from head to toe. I don’t think I missed a single spot, even my eyelids or my very sensitive perineum. I proceeded slowly, gently, feeling the water run on my skin, the cloth tease my genitals, my hands caress my breasts. I was getting relaxed enough to fall asleep in the shower, but at the same time too excited not to proceed further.

I detached the shower head and turned the massager on. I adjusted the jet, close to the strongest setting, just the way I like it. Then I would pass it over my body, starting with my neck, shoulders, arms, flanks, chest, stomach, inner tights, then back to my buttocks. Strangely, I couldn’t resist trying into my anus. Then I would run the jet between my legs over my perineum, then my lips, stopping there for a while. Enjoying the wave of pleasure spreading around, closing my eyes, caressing my breast. Then I moved the shower head right on my clit, hand between my legs from behind.

Oh my, have to turn down that thing just a bit. Yeah, that’s it. It sent chills up my spine and weakened my knees. I leaned on the wall, slowly sliding down, spreaded my legs wide and supported myself with my knees pressing on the opposing walls. I moved my pelvis up and down, running the jet on my clit, then down to my lips, my tights, back up to my stomach, slowly back down to my impatient clit, brushing my pubic hair with my fingers.

I had planned to tease myself like this for quite a while and so did I. I resisted sticking the jet on my clit for too long or grab the vibrator for as long as I could. Desire would win me over soon as I could no longer contain my moans and groans. I fell on my knees, the cord fortunately being just long enough to keep going in that position. I leaned forward, pressing my forehead against the wall, supporting myself with my free hand, bending further forward, staring at my crotch, feeling my orgasm building up down there past the point of no return.

Oh, yes, that’s it. Yeah. I was about to explode. I couldn’t take any more. I was quivering, my pussy was throbbing, the hand holding the shower head was shaking, the other hand pushing me back and then holding my breast, my moans covering the sound of the jet, my bottom grinding against the wall, my legs spreading even further apart. I couldn’t withhold my screams any longer as I came, eyes closed but rolling backward, my entire body shaking, my pelvis pulsing forward.

It felt good, but I had been only warming up. For the next round, I turned on the Dolphin and inserted it deeply inside my pussy, then resumed using the jet on my clit, this time from the front. The feeling was so strong that I involuntarily leaped and hit the wall behind. I couldn’t believe neither the pleasure nor how fast I got back on my feet (sort of) without even meaning it. I couldn’t help moving my pelvis, pressing the shower head hard on my crotch, sort of thrusting the vibrator inside without using my hands by squeezing with my legs. I used my other hand to stroke my clit, then squeeze my breasts, then caress my stomach, brush my pubic hair.

I would come much faster this time. My breath became instantly deeper and heavier, then rapidly quickened, turning into groans, then into moans.

Suddenly, I heard the door open. One of my female colleagues just popped in, even though I thought I had locked the door properly (I learned afterward that the lock was completely worn out and that just slightly pushing on the door worked). There was only a glass separating us and she could obviously see enough through the steam to know what I was doing.

Besides, I kept moaning for a couple seconds before I was able to get a grip on myself and throw the shower head away. I panicked and quickly bursted out of the shower in shock, grabbing my towel and putting it around my chest and waist, facing my stunned colleague then stepping back. I tried to say something else than “I’m sorry” but this is about all that came out.

I was both embarassed beyond description and completely terrified. Then I fell on my knees and bursted into tears. How could that be happening? Oh, I had to stand up again to remove the vibrator I had somehow managed to leave inside my vagina without realizing it. How stupid of me.

Quite unexpectedly, she smiled, then bursted out laughing, probably not knowing what to do herself. “Don’t worry, that’s alright. That’s alright”, she reassured me, both hands on my shoulders. “Come now. It’s no big deal.”

“I was sure I was alone I swear,” I cried.

“Well, so did I,” she admitted. She looked quite a bit embarassed herself. “Look, nobody likes to get caught. It can happen to anyone. It’s not a reason to react like this. I won’t tell anyone. Besides…”

She paused, looking down for a few seconds, hesitating. Then confessed: “If you had come here half an hour earlier, you might have been the one catching me up. You’re not the only one using the shower head. I didn’t come to take a shower this late at night because I felt dirty, you know.”

Wow. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Even though it just makes sense.

“And this,” she continued, taking out an Oral-B electric toothbrush from her bag, “wasn’t to brush my teeth either. Neither is this toothpaste,” she added, now taking out a KY Jelly tube. “We all need a stress reliever, and this one is just as good as any.” She took a look down to my Dolphin, then commented: “I must admire your courage though. I never dared to bring a real vibrator at work. I’m too scared that anyone would find out, especially the men, or my boss.”

I started to recover from the shock. These words helped a lot. It was a shame I couldn’t find a better way to react, though. Now that I think about it, I feel so stupid. “Thanks,” I muttered. I just couldn’t come up with anything else.

“No problem,” she repplied, turning off the shower and putting the head back into place. “Let it be our little secret. Just so you know, I overheard the latest intern masturbating off in her cubicle during work hours, and that’s not just her; almost every girl here does. Now that’s a firing offense. I say hard workers like the two of us should have priviledges, don’t you agree?”

I couldn’t believe that either. Not only was she open, she was just so bold. Or perhaps she was a bit guilty to have startled me like that and tried to make up for it, especially since roles could have been reversed. Regardless, she was saying the truth, and I had just been too clueless all that time to notice.

“I’ll let you finish yourself off,” she said, blinking. “Just tell me when you’re finish.” I declined, but she insisted and left without further argument. And just before closing the door behind her, she shouted: “By the way, there’s only the two of us left in the office. No one is going to hear you.” Meaning; Moan to your heart’s content.

Of course I couldn’t resume where I left after this… or so I thought. I ended up going back into the shower after a few minutes of shivering and hesitation and spent another twenty minutes there, coming twice during that time, allowing the stress of this latest event to fade away through bursts of pleasure.

Then it was her turn, and she spent half an hour in there. I thought I was a shameless moaner, but that’s nothing compared to her I swear. I could hear her scream all that time from the break room at the other side of the building. That must be the toothbrush, I guess… just kidding.

I slept like a baby after that.

bigd12122 32M

6/30/2005 1:06 pm

oh my god... that was a great story. i wish i was the one walking in on you. i would have loved to see and hear you moaning. women are so sexy when they are masturbating and i would have loved to jerk off to you thanks for making me so horny.. bigd12122

travlndog 58M  
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6/30/2005 1:24 pm

Great story,, well written and entertaining

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
682 posts
6/30/2005 6:37 pm

Good story, now I think I'll take a shower

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
682 posts
6/30/2005 7:49 pm

I knew reading your blog at night would be better. Unbelievably sexy

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
682 posts
6/30/2005 7:50 pm

And squeeky clean

interested13563 53M
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6/30/2005 10:57 pm

Kitty, you are an excruciatingly sensual story-teller!

KajunKittyt4U 52F
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7/26/2005 11:51 pm

Thanks everyone for visiting my journal.

Hugs... Kitty.

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