Lights, Camera, Action  

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5/4/2005 4:07 pm

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Lights, Camera, Action

I recently got a new job with a local TV station. It was all a little over whelming at first to think that I was actually in the industry I had dreamed about and strived for.

The job is perfect, everyone there is really nice, and after about a week Greg (the guy who hired me)and I became really good friends, we went out for the occasional drink after work and had a bit of a laugh. I could tell that it had been as while since he could think of himself as "one of the guys" and I guess this meant alot to him

he invited me around for dinner at his place the sunday just gone, he was having a BBQ and thought it would be a good time to talk about the direction in which the station is heading and hinted there might be more room behind the camera rather then in the editing suites. Which would be ideal for me.

So I show up at 8 with a dozen and a smile only to be greeted at the door by a familiar face, it wasn't Greg. Turns out his daughter used to live with her mother, who lives very close to me. Turns out his daughter was an ex girl friend. Turns out, she still hated my guts.

I tried to make some polite conversation and blend in with the people at the party, but she had those cold eyes on me the whole time. It threw me off and I had to go for a breath of air.

I was standing their, trying to get my head straight when I could hear someone elses foot steps. I turned around to familiar lips as Michelles tongue slipped into my mouth and i teased it with my own. It was good to see something never changed, her hands finding the zipper on my jeans as her dress fell from her body effortlessly. And with one last opassionate kiss she departed on a journey downwards.

Memories came back of just how talented those lips had been, she had a talent I had never seen again, no matter how hard I prayed. My
leviathon stood rock hard and ready as she freed it from it's prison.

But just as her head dissappeared from view, another came in, Gregs. He was standing at the ranch slider watching his daughter do what she does best, a look of confusion on his face. It took a few seconds to sink in, with michelle working her magic my reactions had slowed down.
But when it did hit I bet my face was an exact mirror of the confusion on his. Greg left with a hurry as Michelle finished off and I made a lame excuse about having to vist the bathroom.

I never told Michelle her dad saw us, and I've avoided Greg ever since then.

I have the perfect job.

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