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3/31/2005 2:16 pm

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It seems it is a lost art reduce to winks and wolf whistles of a few construction workers and men leering at bars.

In truth it is so much more...

Ladies feel me on this.

Proper flirtations consist of a long duration from sun-up to sundown the man is hinting of how desirable you are to him. He invest time in those things he picks out for you to wear whether diamond, fur or negligee. He leaves little notes or stories of what he has in store for you. He calls you at work and relays a fantasy of making love to you.
A proper flirt can last all day long. From when his tongue teases you awake and leaves you aching for him to finish the job.

A flirtatious man invites laughter in the bedroom because it is suppose to be fun. He also does everything in his power to ensure that you know you are what he desires.

If you agree or disagree hit me with a comment.

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