The Ides of October  

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10/17/2005 11:40 pm

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The Ides of October

Such was the day when my wife lowered the boom long coming – she doesn’t want to be married anymore. Wait, wait, this is not a blog of woe (not completely), nor is it a blatant pity party in a lame attempt to score an easy rebound booty call (not completely), nor is it an endless diatribe about how women are confused, manipulative creatures with daddy issues (you get the point).

This is my first attempt at writing a “blog” or Web log, and what better place to post it than on an adult Web site?

My profile contains the pertinent details about my physical attributes. To get to know the me I know, I have to give more. Best way to do that is to get to the point. I joined AdultFriendFinder in search of someone to have sex with. I don’t own a car and have bills out the ass, plus I am in for a few grand to my family. My job in Florida is temporary, meaning by the end of January I better have steady work or else it’s camping at my family’s house. I am of average build, average (ahem) length and won’t be mistaken for a movie star anytime soon.

Already, I must paint a very attractive picture of a man seeking an intimate encounter.

However I have flown in the backseat of an F-18 fighter jet, worked on and acted in a feature-length movie and have been walked in on while having sex no less than three times in my life – once in Venice, Italy no less. I’ve lived in New York City, watched the snake-deity Kukulkan sink into the ground on the day of the Mayan harvest in Mexico and been a newspaper, TV and radio reporter. Beneath this average exterior is a bevy of varied experiences and a sharp mind.

In an attempt to meet single, attractive and sexually interesting women, I signed on to AdultFriendFinder in the hopes that I could connect with someone local, charming and willing. Coming off a seven-year relationship all told, I’m not seeking any long-term commitment – more like what people call “friends with benefits.”

Bar-hopping is not a regular activity and I try not to shit where I eat so hitting on single women where I work is out. I met my wife in college. Before we were married, I was “the other man” in an affair I had with a woman I met online. Before that, I could count the number of girlfriends I had on one hand. Picky, to be sure, but I've realized that being this discerning limits potential liaisons with wanton and willing women. My hope is that through my AdultFriendFinder membership, this Web log and some cleverly written e-mails I can find one or more partners for an evening of conversation, perhaps a meal and the gimmie-gimmie come get some we all want at the end.

So am I wasting my time here? Is it all about the cock shot? If I’m not porn star quality am I going to blow $24.95 each month spanking it to candid shots of women I’ll never meet? I’m going to find out.

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