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10/18/2005 9:43 pm

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More than meats the eye

AdultFriendFinder says, “What better way to put a face on your profile than with, your face? … Increase your chances of meeting your soulmate.”

Soulmate, eh? Well, that may be a little much, but they have a point. Elitist that I am, if I see a profile with a photo, I am more likely to read about that woman. What’s worse, the better the photo, the more wary I become. Here’s why:

Seeing a revealing photo means one of two things. Either A. This picture was taken by a Web cam or another camera with a time-delay stop, or B. Someone else took the photo. I can tell the pictures taken by women alone in their homes right away. The angles are odd, the focus is bad and a close up of some interesting part is often involved. The funny thing is the more genuine the photo, the more interested I am. Why? Because these photos tell me that there is a better chance that a real person is behind the camera – or in this case, setting the timer behind the camera then jumping in front of it.

When I see a photo that was taken by another person, the nagging voice in the back of my mind clicks on and says, “This profile connects you to a pay site. This is not a real woman.” I have seen some very good pictures of some very attractive women whose profiles are begging for sex because they are insatiable nymphomaniacs. Take for example "juicy gurl 64745." This profile states that this 26-year-old woman is looking for men for a discreet relationship, in Raleigh, N.C. Her birthdate is listed as May 29, 1979. The picture is of a delicious-looking blonde leaning halfway out of the pool, topless, with a come hither stare. Her introduction line says, “Recently married woman looking for a man to show me a good time in bed.”

The photo is a very nice photo.

However, further searching on AdultFriendFinder reveals another profile, "happy pink 144", with a tagline that reads, “Dating is beginning to feel like a job interview.” She lives in Durham, N.C., is looking for men for a discreet relationship and lo and behold, has exactly the same photo as "juicy gurl 64745." Her birthdate is listed as May 19, 1976.

I sent e-mails to both "Juicy gurl" and "Happy pink" with the simple question, “Why do you have the same photo as (the other person).” Should I get a response, I’ll post it here.

Yet I’m fairly positive of the answer to that question before I even ask it. "Juicy gurl 64745" and "happy pink 144" are not the same woman, nor are they identical twins born three years apart – these two profiles are likely bogus. As are many of the profiles on AdultFriendFinder and similar sites. Some offer phone numbers and e-mail addresses as soon as you fork over your credit card number. Some promise to find you someone to fuck TONIGHT! if you sign up for a three-day trial period at a reduced rate. Some are dudes, and that’s just low.

Where I work, we try very hard when taking a picture to capture a spontaneous and real moment. Posed pictures are frowned upon. It is comical to believe that when photographing a subject that is aware of the camera they are acting in a natural way. Yet this is what we strive for. Here, on the Internet, we should beware the photo that looks too good to be true, because many times it is.

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