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10/20/2005 1:17 am

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Look local, screw global

Here’s the dilemma: you’ve joined AdultFriendFinder and are searching your immediate area for a partner to sleep with. And what does your search reveal? I’ll tell you what my search results were: 34 members in my town, 14 of who visited the AdultFriendFinder site within the last two weeks and another three more who have visited within the last month.

Of those 34, I believe one is another link to a pay site (see previous entry), one is a profile for a couple, one is a profile for a married woman and one more is seeking a “sugar daddy,” which, when it comes to my salary, might allow me to buy a 5 lb. bag. These pickings are slim.

So what is a transportation-challenged guy on the hunt supposed to do? Look locally, screw globally. You’ve heard a variation on this theme, I’m sure. There’s a reason some clichés become clichés – each holds a nugget of truth. In this case, since my appetite exceeds my options I have to expand my search radius. And I imagine, many other AdultFriendFinder members do, too.

So I pose this question to anyone who’s interested: How far would you go? Drive, ride or fly, how many miles are too far to meet for a good lay? Or even a suspect lay? The idea behind AdultFriendFinder is to interact with other people with a very specific interest – getting laid – with the intention of meeting and carrying out the act. There are obstacles: truth, distance, funds, safety, trust and the odds against meeting someone who clicks.

For a person like me, who has limited access to getting around, the funds and distance are tough obstacles to overcome. Tough, but not impossible. I try to be as truthful as I can without providing my phone number, address and social security number to the horny public. Safety and trust are flexible as I encounter and “speak” with potential liaisons. There are other considerations that I don’t have to worry about – children, jealous exes, current jealous partners who don’t know what’s going on, public scrutiny, etc. Bottom line is looking for a sex partner on AdultFriendFinder is just like trying to pick someone up at a bar or at work or at the mall or wherever – it’s a crapshoot.

The gist of this topic was about how local was local. I limit my searches to about a 30-40 mile area because realistically that’s about as far as I can travel, or feel comfortable asking women to travel. There may be a wonderful, willing, wanton woman in Des Moines, Iowa, but chances are I’m never going to read her profile because there’s no way in hell I can get there right now. Limiting? Definitely. Short-sighted? Likely. Realistic? You bet.

So as I look for work in other states, I also send out feelers to places that I am considering. I am curious about this world of the casual hook-up, as to whether or not many if not most encounters occur within a few miles radius of where each of us lives. Could it be that someone from Miami has sex with someone from West Palm Beach and then, like a chain letter, that sexual encounter makes its way across the country? Or it is more likely that we exist in small intimate circles of neighbors?

Sidebar: I got a reply from “juicy gurl 64745.” It went something like this:

>>>Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, I have been really busy lately. (I sent my e-mail at 12:29 a.m., the reply came at 1:17 a.m.) … Anyways, thanks for the message, I am flattered that you responded! I have had my ad up for about 2 weeks and most people just send me silly messages. I just want to find someone for some uninhibited fun. … Send me a messsage (sic), it's at (e-mail address here) You better email me back. Kisses Monica

Send a message, get a link to a pay site. Beware, you have been warned.

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