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9/14/2005 5:44 pm

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It seems all I can do is think back to this past weekend and remember the touch of your hand in my hair caressing it and pushing it back from my face as you lean in close and kiss me gently. The look in your eyes relaying how you feel about me. I blush as yu caress my face and gently nibble on my lips and your face lights up and you get that cute little wicked grin on yoru face that tells me you like the fact that you can make me blush and we talk without saying a word.

Together we seem to light up the room without any lights just by our touches and the moans of satisfaction as we take each other to the other end of the earth. Your hands gently begin to remove my clothes gently caressing and kissing the skin you bare .

In one heated breath I whisper ...darling please make love to look me in the eyes and gently kiss me as yuo slowly move over me and for the next few hours we are both in heaven.

We get dressed and go out still touchign each other frequently with light kisses and looks of desire as we tease each other through dinner and a walk around the lake and watching hot air balloons take off until it is dark and we head back to our room where once again the rockets go off and continue to go off all night long .

We wake up in each others arms and once again set off the rockets until it is time for yuo to be on your way. I curl back up in bed hugging your pillow to me imaging yuor arms around me and wishing you didnt have to leave.

now I sit waiting to hear from you knowing that you are a busy man but hoping that you feel as I felt this past weekend and that you desire to hear my voice and to feel my body agains tyours soon.

I miss you baby please call and say Hi Sexy lady

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