How Can Love Hurt  

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9/12/2005 3:21 am

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How Can Love Hurt

it is so weird to find someone that you get along with so great. Not just sexually but emotionally too. Your heart cant help but fall even though you tell yourself you shouldnt do that. So you try real hard not to let your feeling sshow but at a weak moment it slips through and out. Once it does that it is so hard to take things back and try to step back. Then you add in the real world and other obligations and then your mind starts to wonder if you truly were feeling that he felt the same or almost the same as how you were feeling.Oh why does life have to be so hard on love.

We all want someone that makes us feel like we are the only one in the world especially when you are with that one person. I know I felt this way this weekend and I though so did he but then you hear nothing from them. So then your mind begins to wonder and wander and you begin thinking that is was just your own mind and wishful thinking.

So I guess it is time for me to go back into my cocoon. Pull the edges up around me and once again hide. I hate doing that but with all the hurt I've already had in this world I don't want to feel anymore. Maybe one day I will find Love that doesnt hurt and Love that makes me smile when I think of the one I love. Until then .....(sighs)....what is a woman to do???

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