sweet as hell  

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10/3/2005 9:37 am

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sweet as hell

I went on an official date with a cutie here. She was the perfect compliment to a great evening: the weather was great, sunset came at the pefect time, good dinner and better cappuccinos, then the good vibes floatin from Horseshoe Beach. Even though her "Aunt Flow" chaperoned our activities, it was a great evevning topped off by a nice makeout session.
I have one concern however. I feel like I could be the rebound guy. Nothing wrong with being rebound guy (is there fellas ) but I've already been rebound guy twice; if we're counting individual times, my ex made me rebound guy 5 times.
She's so mad crazy in bed: fucks like she got pepper in her blood, great ass, the other little pieces are cool too . If I had woken up to find her in bed, I would have gotten some more before asking her name.
The problem still sits... should I worry about being relationship Splenda (or Equal) or just enjoy the time with her?

tonsils04 47M

10/8/2005 5:25 am

Enjoy the time with her when you can. You want to have sex with out any strings attached. So get it while you can and both of you are happy.

and yes

Nice looking dick - good to swallow

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