Warantee expires at 31  

KMA5 40M
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5/15/2006 6:49 am
Warantee expires at 31

Friday was a lovely night; good drink with sex on the beach in the moonlight. Saturday was an interesting day- with a fallen promise of quality time with one (hope you enjoyed your Full Moon party) substituted by a surprise night of oral pleasures + beer with another. *Drum Roll* and the recap of the birthday night... The Mother's Day cruise was off the hook as usual; anyone who doesn't know what Craig is capable of yet had better recognize. Good food and company with good music. Not enough money to get shitfaced and those fuckers cruisin beside us made the water more choppy than it should have been. I haven't seen rockin like that since the 80's Had a nice MM on dry land some hour in the morning before getting a nice sleep.
I hope all mommys out there enjoyed their customized day yesterday; I know your kids love you everyday but the grown versions need a mandatory reminder for your greatness

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