Outlook Introspective  

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3/9/2006 4:26 pm

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Outlook Introspective

Why are we all so hard up about looks? Does this have anything to do with our health,integration to society or our general peace of mind? I would say no. I saw a social leader the other day that looked like he should be puffing a J in the cane fields of JA (sorry for the stereotype). If it makes you feel better, I also saw a motivational speaker for Christianity that looked like he could snap a car in half and still have enough energy to chase me down and anal me.
Many times we tell ourselves that looks do not matter but we know we are lying to ourselves... alot. Not following our noses and instead following our eyes has lead us into a lot of difficult situations; losing America to the Spanish, giving Paris Hilton more fucking money and attention than she deserves, the creation of some extremely ugly + expensive shoes and the reasons why serial killers can't get caught. "Theodore is such a handsome boy. That must be a new cullinary creation he has on the grill. How did he make it look like an arm?"
Some people are not getting as many props as they should, just because they are not Kristy Brinkley; still givin props to the beautiful people.
Funny how some of us can categorize people as if they were cattle but are probably the ones who praise the ugly babies. I don't mean the average looking kids, I mean the kids that look like mom had an orgy with a fruit bat and a camel-- then came Junior; he is so adorable He takes after his father's side. Ooooooh, its a boy Yeah, I see it now.
Yeah, the people I'm talking about are real shitty. Watching them down others is kind of sad when they have their very own sasquatch, conveniently on the bottle. Wouldn't want the little mutant gnawing off her nipple, would we?


3/14/2006 8:19 pm

Hello Mr K,
I could not agree with you more, we as a society can easily be blindfolded by beauty. I have no idea why it is that we can not admit to our selves and to others that looks do matter even if it's on a minute scale, or a superficial one.
We tend to categorize others by what they look like. E.G., when Andrew Luster the main heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire was caught for drugging and women and exposed on t.v. I was shocked to see what he looked like. He is what we (society) would refer to as a handsome man, someone above average looking. I was instantly baffled and questioned as to why he would feel the need to women being that he could easily aquire willing participants. I quickly realized at that same moment that not all are what we as society picture them to look like.
We do categorize people even if we do not wish to admit it.
Mr K, thank you for being so honest and upfront with your thoughts.
You kicked ass on this one, But remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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3/21/2006 4:16 am

and that is the reason I love me some Kink Brilliant x2 (and she has such good taste)

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