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11/16/2005 6:32 am

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For those in the AdultFriendFinder who don't follow WWE wrestling, Eddie Guerrero, from a long line of lucha libre wrestlers, died on Sunday of unkown causes. Probably too much liquor but no matter what, he will be missed by the fans worldwide.
For those of you that have UPN, watch it on Friday night so you can learn more about him and you may even find an excuse to get hooked on pro-wrestling.
I didn't watch it myself but I hope someone was intrigued enough watch Smackdown. If you did, let me know how it was, please.

bodylove36 50F

12/23/2005 5:09 am

he will be missed i divorced in 2003 and stopped watching wrestling. the part i remember is him talking. can't get his voice out of my head when i see a picture of him. i watched as a child then i married an my now ex grew up watching and now both our kid's watch. our kid's r into THE ROCK. by the way -i was shocked to hear about BOSSMAN dieing. i went to church with him and his sister-laure and bro heath,and to school. i was working at a department store in 2002 and he and his wife and daughter walked by me(i was the frontend manager) an i said hey ray and he said hey linda. i was shocked he remember who i was. we got to talking about his bro and sister and the people we went to church with in the past. hey guess what, remember the wrestling doll's -well i bought one of ray(bossman) because i knew him and never opened it. then he pasted away. that doll mean's more to me than i could ever recieve of money. bossman's doll to me is PRICELESS. i think my son has eddie's i need to find and put it in collection box. we r loosing to many young wrestler's. old age isn't taking them as with the old timers we grew up watching with our daddy's u know. ................ by the way. bossman was a sweet heart -he just acted mean but wasn't. EDDIE REST IN PEACE. LOVE U BRO AND WRESTLING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU. I MISS HEARING HIM RUNNING HIS MOUTH. LINDA.

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12/24/2005 7:24 pm

Yes the Rock is the BEST but I digress.
I was sad to hear about Ray's death also but hadn't time to make a report. I always loved his work. It's sad when the guys/ ladies in the biz don't get their dues until something nasty happens to them.

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