Disgust is a Step Away From Joviality  

KMA5 40M
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7/21/2006 8:50 pm
Disgust is a Step Away From Joviality

From the honest days of serving in the army, being mounted yaksmen and raising their Foster child, Kowalski to the scenes we see today. I suppose that originally Ren & Stimpy was meant for adults who had to sit through corny puns and green gak falling on anyone "who doesn't know" but this is a whole new level. Ren & Stimpy are not just demented strays with jobs and a house anymore; they are like .... really fucking crazy cartoonies.
I could have the kids watch the episodes where they were succumbing to space madness, getting powdered toast from dandruff or dancing to Stinky Whizzle-Teets greatest hit but this stuff today is odd. Its too adult for the kids and not adult enough to whack off to.
This cartoon may have scarred my sanity for life as a child and it is a shame that it won't do the same to other children on a children's venue. It is still funny but it is not the same

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