Absence makes fonder body parts  

KMA5 40M
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4/20/2006 4:31 am

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4/26/2006 7:22 pm

Absence makes fonder body parts

Its not that I have been lacking motivation recently, just more of a lack of time. I haven't had any time to get here this past week. Between fuckin around, fucking, gettin fucked over and in general having way too many challenges of the heart, I think I'm ready for a day less eventful.
Like a retard, I've admitted having love for a special friend of mine and like most other things, it backfired. We made sweet love, emoted feelings while she constantly hinted to keep her unpregnant and then fucked like rabbits afterwards; she is one of the sweetest partners I have ever had and it feels even better since I have feelings for her. We talk more openly now but her attitude seems like "okay, now I know you'll always be there- so whatever." I know it isn't the case because I want to believe in her; she's also my best friend. The shining optimism shows again; I hate it for making me weak but its just love. Nothing will change though. We will both go about our lives, taking out seperate paths while feeling the the connection we still feel. If by some chance she reads this... "Hi Bu. We'll talk after your trip. I want a souveneir shot glass, please."
In lighter news, I'll soon be free to take whatever liberties I choose. The "To-Do list" is getting more checks and soon everything from 3 years ago won't be crowding the hundreds I've added to it since then. Yay!!

caressmewell 53F

4/20/2006 12:04 pm

Love seems to create it's own set of problems at times.

KMA5 replies on 4/20/2006 1:36 pm:
I know, sweet Caress. Its a nice change when you love a friend like that but just as troubling. The friend with benefits and emotional ties are the trickiest type but if it came down to it (which it probably will), I would never trade who she is for what she can do.

demonicsexkitten 41F
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4/22/2006 12:28 am

*hugs* hope it goes gentle on you.

Totally off the subject... I went salsa dancing and meringue. (spelling?). Interesting. Fun. Thought of you ("salsa dancing makes kittens dangerous" or something... you said it months ago when i wrote my life list blog). Do you dance????

KMA5 replies on 4/22/2006 3:11 pm:
I have no idea how to spell merenge but I'm sure you set the floor on fire, Tips. I remember your list; you should have kept the camel My dancing skills are best left to reggae dancehalls or slow jams; I wouldn't be able to keep up with ya, Tips but it would be fun to try

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