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4/25/2006 10:57 am

for some reason AdultFriendFinder has decided to lose my last post. I was under the impression that the count was just slow to take but it wasn't even added. I didn't even get the note saying they could fucking care less about posting it. Now you know times are bad.
Anyway here's a recap. **Deep breath** 2 bike riders fucked themselves up just before Dandy Town (the morbid may go to see the satins left by their puddles), David Barber passed away on Sunday morning (the wonderful man who donated an air ambulance and other medical benefits to BDA), hard work and dedication mean a lot more when hopped up on Speed pills, demonicsexkitten has joined the salsa dancing elite and still has not offered to give me any free lessons (not local news-sorry), 3 people were shot on the weekend by some little wannabe lost causes and some hour when that was happening that nice shop down in St. George's was burned (now the working folks who used it as alternative accomodation will have to either suffer on the street or spend more money for a place to sleep) and now that the Agricultural Exhibition is over we can all focus on our May 24th celebration (and we still are not too sure of the actual politically correct reason why we have this holiday nor do we care). **Exhale**
Hmm... what else...... my bu came back from the trip and her carefully omitting the fact that she was having company on the trip is not the part that vexes me; she should know we are both comfy with our relationship so it was really her business if she wanted to say or not. What gets me is the fact that I didn't get the souveneir glass I asked for. Am I that forgetable or that bad of a friend I finally saw "Saw 2" and it didn't disappoint... much; I still want it in my collection. My child and other assorted claimed children are growing like weeds; maybe it WAS the candy that stunted their growth and we are wrong for rationing it for them
On a final note I was stood up this morning. The proposed activities during the meeting are not important, its just that there was a no show and a really sorry ass excuse paired with a no call. I'm not your job so I don't expect an explaination for the no show but the least you can do is not lie about it. I would have been less annoyed if I hadn't postponed things I HAD to do this morning. So I really wasted a whole morning... for this? Next time, I'll stick to phone sex and I can still make my appointments with only 10 minutes spent on my back. Now I'm gonna rent Saw 2 again and feel bad for Beverly Mitchell who sounds so fucking hot when she cusses. Who knew the lil Camden had it in her?

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