What are you drinking Man?  

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4/19/2005 5:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What are you drinking Man?

We are in a bar.

You wear a tiny skirt, nice stockings and a tight T-shirt .
Your Tits are Half shown in Public view and also a few of your red Bra.

Everybody is talking to you. Everybody is trying to meet you. Everybody says to you ....... just common things.

I am opposite of you......looking to you.....drinking my own bottle.

You see me watching you.....you see my eyes desire you........you see me at all and still wonder why I don't come across to speak to you.

I know that a woman like you, inside of a Bar is hunted...talked by Men and listen's Million of good words.

Night passes a lot, many keep talking you saying boring things to you, and me....... still watching you!

You make the first move, you show me with your eyes.....make a move with your finger and show me to get closer.

I saw that and finally I am coming close to you. You ask me what I am drinking......that you see that I am staring at you.....why I don't dare to speak to you, or make any move. You ask me If I don't Like you at all...!
I don't say a word to you

I just go back to my chair, I call and say something to the Barman.......catching the bottle of whisky on my hand and return to you. The Barman brings me 3 shots and leave them next to us.
I still don't speak....just looking to you.....just listening to you!
You finally ask me - well?

I take the two shots in my hand, give you the one without saying a word to you. I Crash our shot glasses and you drink.......I drop it in the floor.
You ask me - why ? and finally ....... its my turn to start Talking.

- Look and learn Baby how it goes.....!
I take the shot and put it into your tight T-shirt without wasting any drop......push it a few inside your Tits, with a few upon area of the glass to be outside.

- First you asked me what I drink and I will answer you right now!!!

I take the bottle, throw a little on your neck and I start drinking it......from where I dropped it .......under your ear until where it went.....your shoulder.
I catch softly your hair and pull it back and start Kissing you.....into your mouth...... with my tongue inside.....pulling your mouth with my lips.
After you taste what I am drinking I bent my head over your T-shirt......put it into it.....catch the shot glass with my mouth and my teeth without using hands. Pull it out ... turn my head back and drink it, and leave the glass fell down from my mouth without moving my hands. I bent over you and give you again a kiss with my tongue......pull your tongue inside my mouth and you feel your breath and your tongue ready to leave from you.
After you taste the shot I move a little back.....watching you being irritated....!
I know you loved it....that you felt it...! I see your Eyes desirable....your breath going on fast......your body shaking and finally I give you my answer:

-That's what I am drinking Baby and that's how I drink it!!!!!!!!!

I take my bottle and go back to my chair and sit down and enjoy my drink.

Just me --- EAGLE KK

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