Think I gonna Sleepy Tonight?  

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4/20/2005 2:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Think I gonna Sleepy Tonight?

Counting hours.....watching the time......watching the Laptop.......keep looking the advices or comments........and nothing about going ya to sleep.
Still thinking.....still drinking some alcohool. Huh......I said still thinking.......hmmmmm maybe I go to the bathroom and paint my hair as to stop thinking (just kidding).
I read one advice saying something but seems he had never experienced something like that.....nevermind I actually thank him. Right now everything is acceptable....!
If I meet her tomorrow I will loose my "EGO" again for 3rd time....sounds many times.
If I don't meet her I will stay always with the question: what she wanted to say this time
If I fuck her I will definetely spend a good time but what happens after is minding me a lot.
Damn still don't least I have still nine nails in my finger to eat until i gonna sleep a couple of hours....(1 already eaten).
Maybe I pay a woman from the ones who come with you at the business meeting and play a theatre that she is my new girlfriend.
Just maybe I cancel the morning meeting with this person so as just to avoid her.
Or maybe the best solution is the same as I started in here by entering first time. Play the crazy man, the mad one.....the as she will avoid me by her own. (Don't think actually that will be good as she know me really)
Ok, maybe I am terrible sick nowadays, something to find that I have and can't go for anything.
Too many stuff in my mind but don't know what exactly. Maybe something will shown up good in the advice line that I posted that question....just maybe someone faced that or something equal.
Don't fuckin' know ya what exactly but still thinking.....maybe my brain will be burned until this morning and i will not remember her at all.

I will see what exactly I will do.

Just Me --- EAGLE KK (the confused now)

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